Marketing, PR for Software Product (Health)

“Your job will be promoting Iris via phone and e-mail outreach + some Adwords and Facebook ads

This also includes your ability to build a team of marketers in the future so you can automate your job and work less.

Iris offers you flexible job from home an opportunity for learning and making a lot of money if you do a great job.

Also, we can make a % based bonuses on some conversion funnels.

Previous experience or university degree is not needed but you need to be a generally good as a person.

Bad customer service is unacceptable and you will be immediately fired.

Otherwise, some of the values we care about are:
Be Honest, Be Caring, Make others Happy, Work Hard and Always Improve.

This job offer is also available for students and other young people.”

CEO Iris

To Apply

Send e-mail to with the job position you apply for and why I should hire you?

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