Red Green Color Blindness Treatment

Even when it comes to color blindness, there are several types and one of the most common types of color blindness is red-green color blindness.

In this type people usually get confused in the different shades of red and green and sometimes they are unable to identify that which color is which.

According to research, the red-green color blindness has affected around six percent of males in the world and this percentage is growing with the passage of time.

The reason why this type of color blindness is more common in male than women is that men have one X chromosome but when it comes to women, there are two X chromosomes and for a woman to be color blind, she has to inherit it on both her chromosomes which is very rare.

Color blindness is basically a genetic disease and most of the people get it through their mothers just because mothers are the carriers.

If you are color blind then it’s not necessary for your mother to be color blind too, it’s just that she might be the carrier of this disease.

Color Blindness can also be acquired, like if someone suffers through a long-standing disease such as diabetes then yes, there are chances of him to go color blind.

On the other hand color blindness can also occur if you meet an accident or if you go through a trauma. So, yes you can acquire this disease but that happens rarely.

Types Of Color Blindness

The inherited defects of color blindness are broken up into three main categories.

One is monochrome, this one is a severe case because the person is only able to see a world full of grey.

The second type is trichromacy which is mostly acquired and in this condition a person loses the ability to differentiate between different shades.

The third type is dichromacy and this type is further divided into two categories, hereditary tritanopia, protanopia and deuteranopia, the first category is for those people who find it difficult to identify the blue and yellow color and the second category is the one that we are talking about.

People with protanopia and deuteranopia find it difficult to distinguish between red and green and today we are talking about the exact same type that suffers through red and green color vision deficiency.

What Can Be Done?

Now, when it comes to the treatment of red green color blindness then honestly there is nothing yet discovered that can claim to fix and eliminate this issue from its roots but yes, there are certain software and natural treatments that can come handy.

For example, you can use the Vision software to treat your color blindness.

This software is nothing like you’ve ever seen before and it is so far the best when it comes to helping people who are going through this disease.

The best thing is that you can easily take a color blindness test here and then too, free of cost.

Yes, you read it right, all you need to do is to download the Vision software on your computer or phone and then you can take the test without any fee.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is already diagnosed with color blindness then you can buy this software easily and then use it to fix your vision problem.

Another amazing thing is that this software won’t cost you much, it is reasonably priced but the results with which it comes are outstanding.

So, don’t wait any further and if you think you have the problem then download and Buy Vision right at the moment.

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