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Hi Daniel,

Just wanted to thank you for making Iris. I use it on Linux, and it’s so refreshing. Much better than f.lux which is automated. Iris can be configured manually, and that’s simply awesome 🙂 Just what I needed, so once again, many thanks! 🙂



Iris Mini PRO is a very helpful software, it really helps me at work. I’m grateful to the person who created it. Excellent job. – Mariusz Matlak

The application is GREAT! I tend to spend a lot of time on my laptop and before using Iris, I had that tension in the eyes, headaches ..now they are history. 🙂 – Nikoleta Rexy Pandzherova

A great releif after a long working day infront of the PC. I have it on all my devices. – Detelinka Mileva

I downloaded it several days ago and I can feel a difference. I don’t feel so much tension in the eyes anymore. The app is great! – Daniela Valcheva

I have it my laptop. The Linux version is super simple and nice. I also have the chrome extension which also works fine. – Nikola Penchev

Love how simple it’s made for Linux. Great product. Keep up the good work! – Kristyan Duba

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Boris Bachev

This is useful and helpful software. I use it all the time. Thanks, developer. – Sayed Hasan

Thank you, Mr. Daniel Georgiev for sensing our future’s mandatory need – Jitesh Ghanchi

Keep walkin’ as they said. The world needs more young inventors and entrepreneurs like you. – Nikko Nikolov

Downloaded this free App to protect your eyes on my PC and mobile. Its been about 6 months now and my eyes are happier for it. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t download for Apple phones. – Vincent Ng

Works like a charm! Smooth install under Arch Linux. – Plamen Gachev

You have a really great software. – Leonardo Terceiro

Very useful application, it stopped my headache after longer usage of the computer. – Zdravko Shishmanov

I love this app. – Martin Evstatiev

As soon as I started the software, the change was immediately felt and the tension in my eyes during my work with the computer dropped to the minimum. So I am thankful to what you have created. Keep on with your good work :)) – Stefan Angelov

I’m using Iris on all my computers and am very grateful from your work! Keep going. – Georgi Evtimov



P.S. by Daniel Georgiev
I have no idea what that means and I hope it’s good. Google translate doesn’t help me much either 😀


Използвам Iris от доста време и съм много довелен от продукта. Благодарение на Iris вечер нямам проблеми със заспиването, който имах преди да започна да го използвам. До колкото знам софтуерът намаля яркостта и цветеовете който наподобяват слънчевата светлина, когато слънцето залезе. Голямо БРАВО! – Krasimir Yordanov

И аз го ползвам 🙂 – Georgi Tanev


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