Thank you GitHub

For saving my ass again.
So what was the story today.
One user wrote to me that Iris is not compatible with Windows 7.

I immediately installed Windows 7 and tested and everything was OK.

Then I tried to download the new Iris version from this site.

And the .exe was broken. Why?

Couple of weeks ago the Iris server was crashing every 5 minutes. Not cool. This was, because I was hosting all versions on my server. Yes, but there was many downloads one day and you know. The people just killed

I quickly ckecked available solutions and decided to move all files to Dropbox.

Yes, but today Dropbox decided to fuck me πŸ˜€

I didn’t have the time to check WTF was this and quickly uploaded the latest version to my server. Iris was now available again at least.

Now I needed to find a way to host my files somewhere. I searched the web some time for CDN servers for large files.

As you know I work on Iris full-time and I am broke as fuck basically πŸ˜€
All CDN servers was paid. Then idea pop-uped in my mind to use GitHub for hosting. I tested this and it worked, at least for now. πŸ˜€
It’s super slow to upload all versions, but at least it’s free and will never crash.

So yes every version of Iris will be available from here:

Why I do this?
As you know Iris is free only for 4 hours per day right now, but old versions are free.

I want everyone to have a chance to use Iris and that’s why I said to myself to protect and save the old versions of Iris, which are free.

Other than that I am not super awesome programmer and I am adding new features every day in Iris. Sometimes I break things. Sometimes I break many things. Having all versions will let you use at least some version that will be working you know πŸ˜€

Why Dropbox gives this error?
Dropbox is not bad. What this error means is mentioned here:
Basically free accounts have limits of 20 GB per day and 100,000 downloads per day.
Iris is not generated so much traffic, but whatever πŸ˜€

Something special
I added some really old versions on this repo. YouΒ can see Iris version 0.0.0 hahah πŸ˜€
Yes I know my versioning sucks, but whatever.

And once again I’m really sorry for that that Iris was not available for download several hours. πŸ™‚

Sincerely yours,

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