I’ve used a blue light filter on all of my devices for a month: here is what happened

Maybe using a blue light filter is a way to better your health?

I am sure that what you are looking for is in front of your eyes.

So let me tell you more.

Where a month is enough to fill your days with vitality.

I am left to convince myself.

Turning on to the normal?

I’ll start with a little background first.

We presumably all know how blue light emits from screens and all digital devices.

But not everything ends here.

The problems that lurk behind it are very often our choice.

And how we protect ourselves from it is of great importance.

We face it every day and our eyes do not get what they need most.

Exactly, rest. Think when you wake up in the morning and your first task of the day is to reach for your smartphone.

You open red bubbles or social networks one at a time, and why not your favorite magazine.

You enter inside into the deep loop.

Even if your work is a necessary connection to a screen, your eyes get paid when you pour yourself back into bed.

But, it seems to me that this is everyone’s usual routine.

And what do you think?

We spend too much time on devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and more.

We do not pay attention to the time taken.

And after all this morning, we charge attack our daily work habits or wherever we are.

Violating the integrity of our health.

This would give rise to different types of diseases in us.

Which to some extent are now considered normal…But still, to combat them we need a blue light filter.


An example that is rising according to one or the other statistics. and sufferers is increasing.

Your biggest enemy at night.

Without normal sleep within 8 hours, your daily activity decreases.

Both physical and mental problems occur.

Red eyes

Do not allow red eyes to hang long on your face.

On the one hand, this is a normal problem.

Whether it was born from dust or when in a high-temperature room.

But frequent irradiation also leads to red eyes.

The blurring of the eye decreases and this results in blurred vision and eye fatigue.

And that is a small part of the damage done to our blue adversary.

Blue light shifts the healthy balance of the body and eyes. And despite the damage.

It causes us every day, skepticism prevents us from understanding the truth. Well, is she guilty?

Why a blue light filter?

I clear can say that the fault lies within ourselves.

Blue light may not always be a detriment to us or, if it is, the solution can always repulse.

For example, the sun is also a source of harmful rays.

UV rays are the same principle. But without it, we cannot imagine having a growing plant.

And as much as it prevents, the alternative method always works. Sunglasses are a good example of the sun.

Therefore, to be honest with you, I’ll share it with you. I suffered from the above two problems.

My biological clock transmitted me daily. Regular sleepiness unleashed huge fatigue in me.

As well as other eye problems such as blurred vision, bright colors and dry eyeball.

At that point, you have to take the appropriate steps.

No hesitation should be present at all when it comes to health.

The decision made failed to raise my grades at university… But I completely claim to have changed my lifestyle.

And like every human being on the planet is not perfect.

As one of them, each lame with something in their health.

Then I researched what would be appropriate in a case like mine.

The screen dimmer is one such solution.

The investment I made for my health. Within two weeks, the change is already felt.

And as it became clear to us about the problems of blue light, let me now explain how filters work against it.

Yet, first of all, there are a variety of screen filters on the market.


New smartphones, for example, have included “night mode” in their software.

As the name suggests, it gives you the right to reduce the level of blue light in the evening. But that is not enough.

The yellow-orange hue emitted by digital devices.

It comes as a direct result of the way the screens themselves emit light.

Light consists of electromagnetic particles traveling in waves.

Together they create the electromagnetic spectrum.

Each has a different length, the shorter the wave, the higher the energy.

The blue light spectrum has the shortest wavelength.

This means that it produces a very large amount of energy. This is why it is so damaging to our health.

Your decision makes you

And once the decision is completely in your hands, let me tell you in conclusion.

The conclusion echoed by thousands of users in the Iris blue light filter.

Supported by medical professionals. And people who support their health and the health of the community.

Differences in daily life reflected in the first week. You have the right to use it anywhere.

On your smartphone, tablet, laptop wherever you want.

Insomnia stops chasing you, and eye problems erased from your face.

Using Iris for only a month. On your smart devices will change your perceptions of working with a track.

Unlike the built-in “night mode” Iris is a software that has different mods for your needs.

Suitable for adults who devote their time to work. For children spending hours in the virtual world.

And even for grandparents, improving vision without glasses.

And how do we work? Very easy, with one click you get a one week test period. Don’t hesitate, try Iris now!





Author: Nikolay Tasev


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