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Blue light and Eyes

Have you thought about the effect of Blue light on our Eyes? Did you know that the average person spends more than 6 hours per day in front of a computer? Actually most people spend the majority of their time staring at a digital screen. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and all kinds of digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light. … Read More

How can I improve my Vision?

Nobody wants to wear glasses or contact lenses in their life, but if you don’t, then you ask yourself: “How can I improve my vision otherwise?” However, with the evergrowing usage of technologies, more and more people are obliged to do so and there is no medical way of turning the process backward. However, there is still some hope that … Read More

How can I Take Care of My Eyes?

Do I take care of my eyes? How often do you think about your eyes’ health? How would you recognize if there’s a problem and what causes it? We all take care of the place we live in, the car we ride, the books we read… When we feel sick, we take some medicines or go to the hospital. However, … Read More

The benefits of dark mode and dark themes

In recent years there has been a feature, a trend if you will, that’s making the rounds within the tech community, becoming almost mandatory amongst websites, computer and mobile operating systems – dark mode. Essentially, it’s an either entirely or partially blacked-out version of the website or operating system interface in question. Any harsh, bright, white light is replaced with … Read More

Technology & its Harmful Effects on Eyes

The benefits of technology are enormous. We can do a lot of things today thanks to the introduction of technology. While it has made things easy, it also comes with certain side effects. The fact that most technological devices make use of LED light bulbs makes them a threat to the human eyes. LED light is a combination of different … Read More

10 hacks to fall asleep faster

Have you ever been so desperate that you start counting sheep to try to fall asleep faster? Yes, I’ve been there too. That’s why I decided to share with you 10 simple hacks. They’ll help you fall asleep faster and have way better sleep quality. In the morning you won’t need a cup of coffee with the size of your … Read More

Blue Light and Dogs

In a number of previous posts, the effects of blue light on humans were discussed. In this article though we will be talking about what effect does blue light have on animals, on dogs in particular and how you can prevent it. Introduction We are all aware of the problem with the plastic in the ocean but there are some … Read More

How to add buttons

Buy now button from the text tab: Buy Now Download button From the text tab: Download Now

Iris: stop feeling blue

We are all aware of what the phrase “feeling blue” means and feels like. A blue feeling is a sensation you experience when someone lets you down, there is a significant negative change in your life, or it could be an especially bad day you have. It is like a fog that blurs the dopamine levels and your sadness is … Read More