Color Temperature Extended values

With the Color Temperature Extended values checkbox you can unlock more values for Color Temperature.

While this has something useful behind it you probably don’t need to click this checkbox.

Values of Color Temperature of over 6500K actually has more than the maximum blue light and are not healthy.

By default the values are between 0K and 6500K

With Extended values checked the values will become between 0K and 10000K

2 thoughts on “Color Temperature Extended values

  1. Works great if your not in a Photo App. otherwise color is off and have to manually set to get correct K-value in pictures. Should determine app running and automatically turn off or set k-values properly (via calibration profile).

    1. Hi Donald,
      For that we have a setting called Color pausers, where you can set specific programs to stop the effects of Iris so you can see the true colors

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