Iris vs Other apps

Blue light filtering

Blue light filters are apps that reduce the light emitted from the monitor. You may hear them also as blue light blockers, screen filters, orange screen filters, and many other names.

The history of blue light filters started accidentally when Michael Herf the creator of f.lux realized in 2008 that the software for changing the color temperature of the monitor at night actually helps a lot of people to sleep better and reduce eye strain.

Redshift was an open-source clone made for Linux machines after this and also Twilight for Android.

Iris is the premium alternative to the free software products which integrates blue light filtering with smoother 3-step automation (Day/Night/Sleep) and flicker-free brightness automation which we created in 2015 as eye protection software.

Some of the things which make Iris special are:

You can read different comparison articles between Iris and the other blue light blockers bellow 🙂

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