Iris for iOS

iPhone. iPad. iPod. No jailbreak

Download this file from computer not directly from your iPhone or iPad otherwise you will get Safari cannot download this file or this.

You need to reinstall this file every week if your iPhone or iPad is not Jailbroken. This is due Apple Terms and Conditions of sideloading and it’s not related to Iris for iOS.

Download “Iris-0.0.2-iOS” Iris-0.0.2-iOS.ipa

So first thing first Iris for iOS is not available in the AppStore. The reasons for this are many and doesn’t depend on me, but on Apple, because they don’t allow apps like Iris in the AppStore.

To install this version you need to do several things.

First you need PC. The good thing is that Xcode, Mac or Jailbreak is not needed.

Iris for iOS works on all iPhones and iPads including really old phones like iPhone 3 with iOS6 🙂

You can install Iris for iOS from Windows, Mac and Linux. Then the required steps are

1. Download and install iTunes

If you have iPhone you probably have this, but if not download iTunes from here

iTunes is needed only to install the device drivers and after this screen you are ready


2. Download Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is the tool we will use to sideload Iris. You can download it from here

You will get archive and after extract a folder containing the executable.

On Windows double click Impactor.exe

Window like this will open

3. Install Iris with Cydia Impactor

Now after you have iTunes and Cydia Impactor drag the .ipa file with left click over the Cydia Impactor window like this

You will get asked for Apple e-mail and password. This thing is used to digitally sign the .ipa file so it can be uploaded to your device.

After this Iris is installed on your device and you can start it.

You can change Color temperature and brightness and if you like this I will add more features 🙂

For more info about how to use Cydia Impactor see this

Here is Iris for iOS running on iPhone 5s


And here is running on iPhone 3


Here is how the simple Iris app for iOS looks like on a video

Daniel 🙂

Iris for iOS

Iris 0.0.2 for iOS

Iris 0.0.1 for iOS