Day Temperature

With the Day Temperature slider you can set the Color Temperature during the day.

Iris detects if it’s day or night based on the clock and location.

If you don’t see change when you move this slider make sure that Manual color settings is set to OFF and it’s day.

The values are based on K (Kelvins) which is the standard measure for Color Temperature.

The lower the value the less blue light, the higher the value the more blue light is emitted from the screen.

2 thoughts on “Day Temperature

  1. Hi,
    I want to lower the color temperature for day and night bit Iris is not responding.
    Thank you

    1. Can you check if these settings are not being overwrited by something else, like the Sleep settings?

      You can make sure that they’re off and try again

      If that doesn’t help you can reset Iris to defaults through this link:

      If that doesn’t help, can you try doing it manually as shown in this short video?

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