Blue light blocking glasses vs Iris

The point of view debate

  • We get a lot of questions like
    • Which glasses are better
    • Is Iris better than blue light blocking glasses
    • Are glasses better than software
    • and stuff like this

So I want to just give you my honest opinion about it all.

  • You understand that if you sell glasses you will tell everybody that they are the best
  • If you sell software you will tell that software is the best
  • If you have paid $100 for glasses you want a confirmation that this was the best choice
  • If you have paid $100 for some software you want confirmation that this was the best choice

This is an endless debate with no true answer but here are some tips:

  • Glasses are good because
    • They block blue light from phones TVs and LED lamps
    • They are a physical filter and don’t depend on the monitor backlight
  • Software is good because
    • It’s mega customizable
    • To get the customizable effect with glasses you need several pairs or lenses
    • It can adapt automatically to the day and the night or the light around you and in the case of Iris help with flicker
    • It’s generally cheaper

So I have a comprehensive article about Which is the best Blue light Filter

Testing for Blue light blocking

On our website, we have a really good test for blue light blocking that you can do without any equipment. You can find it here

If you are interested to test everything here are links to all our tests

Optical differences and backlights

  • Some thought you may also have
  • So you see how without the glasses the screen glows more
  • But this glowing can actually be the result of different shades of red or the difference in brightness
  • The best way to actually test this is to get a device called Spectrometer or Colorimeter but they are pretty expensive
  • You can also use our Blue light filter Test
  • Why Iris may not block all blue light
    • We set the blue and green gamma at 0% so from the software and hardware side the blue light should be zero
    • Some screens, however, can never turn OFF completely the white LED
    • Other have bad quality red LED which may also emit blue light
    • In this case, you can lower the screen brightness with Iris but be careful of PWM and Subpixel flicker
    • In the picture above the screen is also glossy which makes reflections and it’s not healthy for our eyes
    • To make the screen matte you can buy matte screen cover and place it on your screen
    • To remove all blue light if you have a bad screen you can use glasses with red lenses or place a transparent red sheet over your monitor
    • To make the best test ask some friend for Spectrometer and measure the color spectrum. I have an article with some measurements
    • Iris has a little dependence on the backlight of the monitor and if the backlight and the hardware are bad we can’t fix it completely without using some physical transparent red sheet
    • Software is good for the customization and the automation
    • On the picture, you may think that Iris doesn’t block all blue light but it may also be an optical difference because the glasses actually decrease the brightness and make the screen look darker
    • Here is a picture of my screen with 0% blue light
      • I see it really red but my phone makes white color optimization and makes it look more white
      • This is also my PC with Iris passing the blue light filter test so there is not actually blue or green glowing from the screen
  • Why glasses may not block all blue light

So get a Spectrometer or use our Blue light filter Test to see what’s best for you 🙂

You can also see our Blue light filters Ultimate guide

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