Fix Iris Flashing

By flashing, flicker or ON and OFF we mean, if Iris:

  • Goes ON and OFF every several seconds
  • Flickers between orange and bright
  • Goes orange then a couple of seconds blue then orange again

What is the cause?

Here are several things which may cause this and ways to fix this

Conflicting programs

Remove all conflicting programs if you have any from your PC or Quit them. Examples of conflicting programs are:

  • Other blue light filtering software
  • Softwares for display calibration
  • Integrated blue light filtering or brightness adjusting features

Some programs which conflict with Iris are:

  • f.lux, Night Light, Night Shift, RedShift, Lightbulb, CareUEyes, Iris mini, Iris micro

If you have conflicting program quit it or remove it.

Other examples of conflicting programs are

  • The video card software sometimes also tries to change the gamma and the colors
  • On Windows, you can try switching between High and Low-level color API
  • Quit software for tweaking the video card or software from the video card vendors

Automatic Brightness

This happens a lot on macOS. If your monitor or laptop has an automatic brightness feature try to disable it and see if Iris will still flash.

Low-level API

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂

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