Fix Iris Flashing

By flashing, flicker or ON and OFF we mean, if Iris:

  • Goes ON and OFF every several seconds
  • Flickers between orange and bright
  • Goes orange then a couple of seconds blue then orange again

What is the cause?

Here are several things which may cause this and ways to fix this

Conflicting programs

Remove all conflicting programs if you have any from your PC or Quit them. Examples of conflicting programs are:

  • Other blue light filtering software
  • Softwares for display calibration
  • Integrated blue light filtering or brightness adjusting features

Some programs which conflict with Iris are:

  • f.lux, Night Light, Night Shift, RedShift, Lightbulb, CareUEyes, Iris mini, Iris micro

If you have conflicting program quit it or remove it.

Other examples of conflicting programs are

  • The video card software sometimes also tries to change the gamma and the colors
  • On Windows, you can try switching between High and Low-level color API
  • Quit software for tweaking the video card or software from the video card vendors

Automatic Brightness

This happens a lot on macOS. If your monitor or laptop has an automatic brightness feature try to disable it and see if Iris will still flash.

Low-level API

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you πŸ™‚

Video Tutorial

My monitor is blinking between the Iris setting and the regular blue light of my monitor? (Nov 4, 2019)

  • You can check if you are running two versions of Iris (or another similar program) at the same time.
  • They may conflict with each other and this may be the cause of this problem.
  • If that’s not the case, you can try enabling the high-level API.

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  • Geriq07 Feb 24, 2020 23:25 Subject: Iris feedback Message Body: Hi there, I am wondering about the settings for my iris…the colors seem to be flickering every 10-20 seconds from a greyscale with a bluish hew.. to a pinkish/grey hew…is this normal? I am on the “reading” setting, and have just the intro free trial iris download on a mac mini 10.10.5 Thank you…I already like it!! Was using f.lux before. this seems better ALSO,,,I notice sometimes the edges of the screen are darker, is this normal also? Geri
  • so my eyes have been HATING the monitor on my iMac Pro for the last few months, and stumbled across IRIS as a potential option to test for the PWM dimming factor… installed the demo. but the damn thing keeps flickering brightness up and down every few seconds. “automatically adjust brightness” setting on the mac is turned OFF so I’ve narrowed it down to the app. so… why isn’t this working properly and how am I supposed supposed to get this working CONSISTENTLY so I can actually test the product? please advise 2022.04.16
  • hello! I just wanted to confirm whether the app, when it’s working correctly, should be making my computer screen (not monitor) flicker? My main concern is eyestrain (my sleep is great :)). Also, do you have a recommendation for which screen protector brand to purchase from? (I did read the article comparing glasses to screen protectors to software). What is your opinion on device EMF radiation? Lastly, if there are any recos for contact lenses that are best for long-term occular health and performance I am all ears! 2022.04.18
  • Hi there. GReat software!! changed my life. I am getting a couple of issues I would love to resolve however. My wife’s laptop screen has started to flicker. Only a few times a day, it flickers once. It goes black and then normal in a fraction of a second. Has anyone encountered that problem with Iris beofre? It could be that Iris is not the cause but it is correlated to the moment she started using iris… Second problem on my laptop: I activated the simple font, and accepted the changes (to the registry I assume?) now it seems that all font remain simple fonts and it does not seem possible to revert back…! Is this the case? can I revert to the way the font used to be before activating fonts with iris? Many thanks. 2022.04.18
  • Hi Daniel, We tried uninstalling Iris but the screen still flickers. Is it possible that a change int he registry has made this happen? What about my Fonts problem? Am I able to revert back 2022.04.18
  • Please understand that I am using a translator with my short English skills. When I use a program, the screen keeps flickering. When I delete the program, the flickering disappeared. The monitor is s28ag800. I even paid 2022.04.29

E-mail answer

  • The most common cause of this is a conflicting program. You can see possible solutions here
  • One sentence fix: Quit or delete conflicting programs, on Windows try High-level color API, on macOS disable Automatic brightness