Steps to get a Refund

We can’t find the purchase without your E-mail that you used for the purchase and the Transaction ID of the purchase.

To get a refund, send us your:

  • E-mail
    • The E-mail that you used for the purchase
  • Transaction ID
    • The Transaction ID of the purchase

We process refunds from first (1) to the fifteenth day (15) of every month.

If you write for a refund on 20 January we will refund the purchase at the beginning of February.

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E-mail answer

Can’t find the purchase for this E-mail

  • Sorry for the bad experience with our product
  • I searched in PayPal for the purchase with this e-mail but there is no purchase from this e-mail
  • Can you send me the transaction id or the e-mail that you used for the purchase so I can refund you 🙂
  • There is no way to find and refund the transaction if we don’t know the e-mail used for the purchase or the transaction id of the purchase
  • For more info