Getting a Refund

If you’ve made a mistake when buying, would like to upgrade from a subscription to a license or from one license to another, or if you’re just not satisfied with the product you can send us your details to get a refund.

1. Write to us at via email or the contact form on our website.

2. Send us the following information
Email the purchase was made with (if you paid with PayPal, it’s the email connected to your device)
Transaction ID of the purchase (you can find it in your PayPal history when you click on the payment and get the information page shown on the screenshot)

Reason for wanting a refund – this helps us improve our software and services.

NB! Keep in mind that in PayPal transactions older than 180 days cannot be refunded.

3. Refunds take a few workdays to process so please be patient when requesting a refund.