Getting a Refund

How to get a refund

Just open a case in PayPal. We refund all PayPal cases but it takes a week or two don’t worry.

If you’ve made a mistake when buying, would like to upgrade from a subscription to a license or from one license to another, or if you’re just not satisfied with the product get a refund.

If you have bought not with PayPal send us the following information via PM in Discord:

  • Email the purchase was made with (if you paid with PayPal, it’s the email connected to your device)
  • Transaction ID of the purchase (you can find it in your PayPal history when you click on the payment and get the information page shown on the screenshot)

Reason for wanting a refund – this helps us improve our software and services.

We refund all PayPal cases but it takes a week or two don’t worry.

NB! Keep in mind that PayPal transactions older than 180 days cannot be refunded.

We can’t find the purchase without the E-mail that you used for the purchase and the Transaction ID of the purchase.

To get a refund, send us your:

  • E-mail
    • The E-mail that you used for the purchase
  • Transaction ID
    • The Transaction ID of the purchase

What if I want a refund? (July 13, 2018)

  • We always refund money if something is not working or if you are just not happy with our product.
  • But please don’t use Iris for 5 years then suddenly decide that you want a refund.
  • Even in that case, I will probably refund everything you have paid for but will probably also remove your activation codes and block you from purchasing from us in the future.
  • We are all honest and good people which value your decision to trust us with your money so if something is not working or you are not happy with our product we will always refund all your payments.
  • I don’t want to tell 30-day or 90-day money-back guarantee because it sounds stupid but we care and will return your money if you want at any time.
  • Daniel CEO Iris

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  • Lynne Cobb 2022.04.12 15:35 I’m confused about what’s going on with the Iris software on my computer. I have been having autopay of $1.99 monthly, but then last week my IRIS stopped working and said I needed to buy a subscription…that confused me because I thought I had a subscription already of $1.99 a month. I couldn’t get it to work so I clicked on the link to purchase another subscription and bought the one year for $11.99 and the software started working again… I thought the problem was solved but then another automatic payment of $1.99 went through my account. So now, I think I have two subscriptions but only need one. Can you help me work this out and fix the problem? Lynne
  • Maija Giganti1 Aug 19, 2020 00:57 This is a follow-up to your previous request #18032 “Very Upset” I am VERY upset at the lack of customer service at Iris. I have had ongoing issues for the past year. And to think how many people I have referred to you! I am being billed 2x each month (last charges were in late July for $1.79 and $1.99). AND I DON”T HAVE IRIS ON ANY OF MY COMPUTERS!!! I tried to buy it again in late July. I had it for 7 days and then it disappeared. I wrote to you above on 7/27 and never heard back. I do want to have Iris on a couple of our computers but I refuse to buy it again until these subscriptions are cancelled. This is beyond frustrating. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I know it’s a small amount but the lack of service is TOTALLY unacceptable. Please credit my account for at least July if not longer -I haven’t had Iris on any of my computers since Feb 8, 2020 when I was laid off from my last job (and sent the computer to the corporate office. Thanks, Maija Giganti
  • Maija Giganti1 Sep 29, 2020 17:18 Hi – I have had nothing but trouble with Iris. I have emailed you several times to cancel my account but you never respond. Though you happily take my money each month. For months I had asked for help – Iris was on my old work computer (which I sent back in February to my old company) but I couldn’t download it on my new computer. Yet am charged each month. Please refund this last month at the minimum (though I haven’t used your service since early Feb and have been charged 1 and sometimes 2x a month for some reason). Please cancel my service – and please provide better service to your customers. This experience has been worse than dealing with AT&T or Xfinity – at least they respond. Thanks, Maija Giganti
  • Maija Giganti1 Aug 27, 2020 19:21 Hi – I have disputed your charges through Paypal as I have not had your service on any of my computers since February. But you continue to charge me. And never respond. Your customer service (or lack thereof) is as bad as Comcast – and that is saying a lot…
  • Please see my email above – I need customer service and your company provides absolutely no service. HELP!!!!!

E-mail answer

Can’t open a case in PayPal

Can’t find the purchase for this E-mail

  • Sorry for the bad experience with our product
  • I searched in PayPal for the purchase with this e-mail but there is no purchase from this e-mail
  • Can you send me the transaction id or the e-mail that you used for the purchase so I can refund you 🙂
  • There is no way to find and refund the transaction if we don’t know the e-mail used for the purchase or the transaction id of the purchase
  • For more info