How to report a Problem or Bug

  • I want to help but most of the time I don’t understand how to reproduce the issue or what the issue actually is
  • To fix a problem, please
    • Explain to me what exactly happened from the beginning
    • Record a 1-minute video of the screen with your phone explaining what exactly is wrong
      • Tell me what is not okay
      • Tell me how do you think it should work
    • Write to me your
      • Your Operating system – Windows, macOS, Linux
      • Your Operating system version – XP, Vista, 7 10, Catalina, Leopard, Ubuntu 14.02, etc.
      • The version of Iris (make sure you always use the latest version if you want to report a problem)
      • Your activation code and invite link (If you have problems with activation or inviting friends)
  • See if your problem is not explained on the

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  • hi, is it possible that my iris pro has a bug? i’ve had pro15 for a long time, but sometimes the colors don’t makes sense, they change randomly and when i turn my computer off and on again, the app seems to have trouble reestablishing itself… thanks

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