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How to install Iris

You can click here to download Iris – it automatically detects your OS and should start the download.

You can also scroll down to see the instructions for installation:

For iOS click here – iOS

For Linux Ubuntu click here – Linux Ubuntu

For Windows 7 click here – Windows 7

For Windows 10 click here – Windows 10

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How do I completely uninstall Iris

  • You can delete via Add or Remove programs

How to Uninstall by hand

If it doesn’t work quit Iris and then remove the %LOCALAPPDATA%/Iris folder

How to quit Iris

To quit Iris you need to right click the tray icon and click quit

Where is installation folder located

Write in the Windows Explorer %LOCALAPPDATA%

Delete this folder

How to disable Iris start on startup on Windows 10

If the above doesn’t work

  • open Task Manager
  • go to Startup
  • right-click over Iris and disable Iris

Answers also

  • How do i completely uninstall iris? It keeps popping up even though I’m not subscribed
  • Had a free trial of your product and found it to be very good; it reduced eye strain considerably. While waiting to be paid to buy Iris, I have an irritating drop box from you whenever I turn on my laptop and don’t know how to get rid of it. So despite your excellent product, I won’t be buying it because your business model sucks.
  • Elyse Zebede Feb 27, 2020 16:51 Hi, I downloaded your blue light last night to my desktop computer, and need to have it removed, and cannot seem to figure out how. I work on the computer all day, and it is actually hurting my eyes and extremely uncomfortable. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP HOW TO REMOVE IT. Thank you!
  • Maccutcheonj Feb 27, 2020 17:52 I sent this already via your online message twice and via your email twice. Pls remove your annoying popup from my system. As far as I know I never allowed that and I will not be using your product. I will, if you do not remove this, get on Mercola and complain about it every time I go to the site which is daily. Not to mention every other site that may push your products. I requested this already, and it has been ignored, that is why this is more vehement. Jane MacCutcheon BTW, I do not use the parasitic/predatory social media “platforms,” actually theft modes.
  • imrkane — Today at 11:12 PM Iris mgmt. will you remove your pop-up on my rebooted pg. that always occurs olthough my trial expired and I see nothing in my downloads to delete it and I tried 2 x as some instruction said somwhere to reinstall it and redelete it without result (and if you have that built in, that’s evil)? – 2022.07.29

E-mail answer

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Getting a Refund

How to get a refund

Just open a case in PayPal. We refund all PayPal cases but it takes a week or two don’t worry.

If you’ve made a mistake when buying, would like to upgrade from a subscription to a license or from one license to another, or if you’re just not satisfied with the product get a refund.

If you have bought not with PayPal send us the following information via PM in Discord:

  • Email the purchase was made with (if you paid with PayPal, it’s the email connected to your device)
  • Transaction ID of the purchase (you can find it in your PayPal history when you click on the payment and get the information page shown on the screenshot)

Reason for wanting a refund – this helps us improve our software and services.

We refund all PayPal cases but it takes a week or two don’t worry.

NB! Keep in mind that PayPal transactions older than 180 days cannot be refunded.

We can’t find the purchase without the E-mail that you used for the purchase and the Transaction ID of the purchase.

To get a refund, send us your:

  • E-mail
    • The E-mail that you used for the purchase
  • Transaction ID
    • The Transaction ID of the purchase

What if I want a refund? (July 13, 2018)

  • We always refund money if something is not working or if you are just not happy with our product.
  • But please don’t use Iris for 5 years then suddenly decide that you want a refund.
  • Even in that case, I will probably refund everything you have paid for but will probably also remove your activation codes and block you from purchasing from us in the future.
  • We are all honest and good people which value your decision to trust us with your money so if something is not working or you are not happy with our product we will always refund all your payments.
  • I don’t want to tell 30-day or 90-day money-back guarantee because it sounds stupid but we care and will return your money if you want at any time.
  • Daniel CEO Iris

Answers also

  • I want a refund
  • I don’t like the software and want a refund
  • Your software crashed my computer. I uninstalled your app. I want a refund
  • Can  you pls refund me the cost of the Iris Pro
  • Daniel, I am sorry to say that Iris is not working at all. My computer crashed and I had to reinstall windows and Iris, and now Iris is non-functional. Should I reinstall it. I had a paid version, so settings are on advanced
  • getting a Iris refund on my purchase
  • getting a refund for iris
  • getting iris refund
  • Lynne Cobb 2022.04.12 15:35 I’m confused about what’s going on with the Iris software on my computer. I have been having autopay of $1.99 monthly, but then last week my IRIS stopped working and said I needed to buy a subscription…that confused me because I thought I had a subscription already of $1.99 a month. I couldn’t get it to work so I clicked on the link to purchase another subscription and bought the one year for $11.99 and the software started working again… I thought the problem was solved but then another automatic payment of $1.99 went through my account. So now, I think I have two subscriptions but only need one. Can you help me work this out and fix the problem? Lynne
  • Maija Giganti1 Aug 19, 2020 00:57 This is a follow-up to your previous request #18032 “Very Upset” I am VERY upset at the lack of customer service at Iris. I have had ongoing issues for the past year. And to think how many people I have referred to you! I am being billed 2x each month (last charges were in late July for $1.79 and $1.99). AND I DON”T HAVE IRIS ON ANY OF MY COMPUTERS!!! I tried to buy it again in late July. I had it for 7 days and then it disappeared. I wrote to you above on 7/27 and never heard back. I do want to have Iris on a couple of our computers but I refuse to buy it again until these subscriptions are cancelled. This is beyond frustrating. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I know it’s a small amount but the lack of service is TOTALLY unacceptable. Please credit my account for at least July if not longer -I haven’t had Iris on any of my computers since Feb 8, 2020 when I was laid off from my last job (and sent the computer to the corporate office. Thanks, Maija Giganti
  • Maija Giganti1 Sep 29, 2020 17:18 Hi – I have had nothing but trouble with Iris. I have emailed you several times to cancel my account but you never respond. Though you happily take my money each month. For months I had asked for help – Iris was on my old work computer (which I sent back in February to my old company) but I couldn’t download it on my new computer. Yet am charged each month. Please refund this last month at the minimum (though I haven’t used your service since early Feb and have been charged 1 and sometimes 2x a month for some reason). Please cancel my service – and please provide better service to your customers. This experience has been worse than dealing with AT&T or Xfinity – at least they respond. Thanks, Maija Giganti
  • Maija Giganti1 Aug 27, 2020 19:21 Hi – I have disputed your charges through Paypal as I have not had your service on any of my computers since February. But you continue to charge me. And never respond. Your customer service (or lack thereof) is as bad as Comcast – and that is saying a lot…
  • Please see my email above – I need customer service and your company provides absolutely no service. HELP!!!!!

E-mail answer

Can’t open a case in PayPal

Can’t find the purchase for this E-mail

  • Sorry for the bad experience with our product
  • I searched in PayPal for the purchase with this e-mail but there is no purchase from this e-mail
  • Can you send me the transaction id or the e-mail that you used for the purchase so I can refund you 🙂
  • There is no way to find and refund the transaction if we don’t know the e-mail used for the purchase or the transaction id of the purchase
  • For more info
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How Much Does it Cost?

You can see the price of Iris from here


If you want to buy Iris you need to click the button of Iris Pro.

Iris mini is a different program that you can find here


It’s again made by me but with the goal to be really small and minimalistic.


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Do you store Debit/Credit card information?

No, we don’t process the payments and we don’t store any debit or credit card information on our servers.

We do this because I know how important my own card information is for me and how often I don’t pay because I don’t trust the store enough to process my payment.

Iris payments go through PayPal or 2checkout and we just get a notification after payment to create your activation code and send it to your e-mail.

Your debit/credit card information is secure or at least as secure as PayPal or 2checkout websites are.

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How to buy Iris?

Iris has a 7-day trial.

If you wish to use it further you can buy it (and support us) or invite friends (see Discounts -> Friend invites section for this).

Iris Mini is free to use and has no trial period.


For Iris Pro we have two lifetime licenses – one without future updates (you can only use it on the version you’ve installed at the time of your purchase) and one that comes with future updates (whenever a new version comes out you can switch to it) – check them out here – Buy Iris.

For Iris Mini we also have a lifelong license without updates – you can see it here – Buy Iris Mini.

If you don’t want to buy through PayPal you can buy through 2checkout with a debit or credit card – Buy with a card.


We also have monthly and yearly subscriptions for 1PC or up to 5 devices that can be used for both Iris and Iris Mini – check them out here – Subscription.

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Iris for Several PCs

For PCs

If you have several PCs and want to buy Iris for all of them with a discount, we have an offer 1 month for 5 PCs on the Buy Subscription page.

  • Select the package 1 Month, 5 PCs
  • After the payment, you will receive 1 code but you will be able to use this code on 5 PCs 🙂
  • You can get the offer 1 month for 5 PCs from

For phones

Answers also

  • Do you offer a discount for more than 1 PC
  • Do you have an offer for several laptops
  • Which plan allows me to use it on two computers
  • I am just wondering if I need to buy Iris for each device, or it one download for all devices in one household
  • I am a parent we share 3 devices one is laptop, and 2 iPads. Is there a way to purchase a family license
  • I bought the most expensive Iris for my desktop and it says one computer at a time. How do I load without paying for it Iris for another of my computers? There does not appear to be a login. Thank you.

E-mail answer


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Getting a company Invoice for your Purchase

We give invoices only for purchases of above $1000

If you want to get an Invoice for your purchase please send to us:

  • The PayPal or 2checkout receipt with visible
    • Transaction id
    • Name of the product
    • Price
  • Company name
  • Company VAT number
  • Company address
  • Is your company in Europe or Outside of Europe
    • This is important
  • The country of your company

Note that the invoice is in Bulgarian in accordance with our and the European law.

You can see our company info from https://iristech.co/company

Answers also

  • Getting a company Invoice for your Purchase
  • How to get an invoice for my purchase
  • Can I get an invoice for my purchase
  • invoice for purchase
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How to find which E-mail I have used for my PayPal purchase

  • We can’t find a purchase made from a different e-mail address which you also don’t know
  • We can find purchases by
    • Transaction ID
    • Subscription Profile ID

Find which E-mail I have used for my PayPal purchase

  • All licenses and activation codes are connected to the E-mail that you used for the purchase
  • To find the E-mail that you used for the purchase you can
    • Check your Inbox
      • Search for E-mails like
        • For 1-time payments
          • Receipt for Your Payment to Iris Technologies EOOD
        • For subscriptions
          • You set up an automatic payment profile to Iris Technologies EOOD
          • You sent an automatic payment to Iris Technologies EOOD
      • In the e-mail, you can see which e-mail you used for the purchase
    • Call PayPal and ask them
    • Log in to your PayPal account and see your E-mail

After you have found your E-mail that you used for the purchase you can log in to our User Panel and from there

  • Find your activation codes
  • Move your licenses
  • Download the app you have paid for

See also

Answers also

  • Trying to figure out to which email address the activation code was sent to
  • I do not know to which email address the activation code was sent to
  • Could you please tell me which email address has the activation code
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Switch from Monthly to Annual Subscription

Answers also

  • How to switch from monthly to an annual subscription
  • How do I go from monthly…. Mark Diamond 2022.04.13 01:01 ….to annual payments. Is there discount for paying annually?
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Alternative to Pay with Debit/Credit card instead of PayPal

  • If you want to pay with Debit/Credit card instead of PayPal you can do this from
  • We don’t have an option to buy a subscription with Debit/Credit card
  • If you want to pay with PayPal you can do this from
  • There may be a difference in the prices because of the different taxes 2checkout gets

Answers also

  • I’m not using PayPal
  • Please send me a link to pay by credit card that does not require me to sign up for PayPal
  • Do you have a payment link in English that does not require me to open a PayPal account
  • Hi there ! The PayPal system isn’t available in my country…. How can I but Iris or other products
  • Hello , I live in turkey , I tried and loved iris. I want to buy but as I can see only way is Paypal Which does not work in my country Is there any other wat i can buy
  • Magicofprayers Feb 26, 2020 21:28 Subject: Iris feedback Message Body: help me adding card for payment for subscription. first of all you dont have optons other than paypal. then, paypal is a mess to operate; not adding my card even after entering card details 20 times.

E-mail answer

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How to cancel PayPal subscription

Related pages


  • We can’t cancel your subscription automatically
    • We don’t know your subscription id or debit/credit card info
    • PayPal does this
  • You need to cancel it from the PayPal interface
  • To change or cancel your agreement with Iris Technologies EOOD
    • Log into your PayPal account
    • Try this direct link to cancel your subscription
    • If the direct link doesn’t work Go to Profile, and click Account Settings
    • Now from the left menu choose Money, banks and cards

    • From the Automatic payments section select Set Automatic Payments

    • This will open the My preapproved payments screen

      • Here you can see all your active subscriptions
      • An active subscription is this which says Active under the status
      • Click on the subscription that you want to cancel
    • When the Subscriptions details window open Cancel the subscription
    • Now the subscription is canceled
    • If these steps doesn’t work
      • Try to go to your Profile, and click My money
        • Update your agreement in the “My preapproved payments” section

      • Try going to Tools, All tools and search there
      • You can also see the button and tutorial here
      • Call PayPal or E-mail them for help
        • This depends on the PayPal UI and honestly, there is nothing we can do to make it easier to Unsubscribe

Video tutorial

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  • How to cancel PayPal subscription
  • How to cancel monthly subscription
  • How to cancel my monthly subscription
  • How to cancel your monthly subscription
  • How to cancel an annual subscription
  • I want to unsubscribe to Iris, how do I do that
  • How to discontinue my payments as I’m no longer using the App
  • Hi, I wish to unsubscribe and the dollars that you took yesterday could you please refund it to me as I am not using the computer I activated my code on anymore
  • how do I stop my subscription?  My email address is X I want to cancel because I thought I was blocking out blue light from my monitor but your service is not
  • I would like to cancel my monthly subscription for Iris Technologies
  • Hi, I subscribed to Iris half an year ago and I decided to buy it ffor a lifetime. However, there is a problem with me unsubscribing from the subscription. Did it through revolut, also tried using the user panel but it does not even give me the option to claim my license. Overall I am lost Somebody who had a similar situation or has any ideas on how to cancel the subscription?
  • HI, I bought your full product but you still deducted the 1,99 euro from my account. can you please resolve this?
  • If you subscribe with PayPal you can go in and unsubscribe that way. You can opt out of/cancel reoccurring payments. I think you can do it with your bank also
  • How the do I cancel? There’s no way to unsubscribe? I’m going to report this company as a scammer to my bank There is no way for someone in my circumstance to unsubscribe This is illegal. I subscribed through paypal, not with a paypal account The way the cancelation system is set up with this company is illegal
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Paid but still asking me to purchase

Thanks for your purchase and for supporting our work 🙂

After you pay you will receive an E-mail with an activation code. Example

You need to enter this code in the app in order to activate it. To do this you can just click the Activate button below the code

If this doesn’t work, see this article:


Where we have pictures and videos how you can do this 🙂

Answers also

  • I paid but it expired today
  • I paid but still trial
  • Just purchased paid lifetime license but the icon on my taskbar says it will run out in 6 days and asking me to purchase
  • i bought it and keeps asking me pay again
  • I paid $49 on Paypal on April 2, 2021 for a lifetiem membership and the app does not recognize me as having pro access. I have macbook.
  • Hi Daniel, I just purchased Iris. After downloading Iris multiple times, it still shows me only an expired version and I have been unable to use it. Can you help? Thanks! -Elizabeth It was so easy to install/use the free version; why is the version I purchased such a mystery? Would appreciate some tips to be able to start using Iris. Thanks. – Elizabeth
  • I purchased a license, was able to use it for a week, and now I can’t regain access
  • Hello! I purchased the lifetime version last week and when I downloaded the program, it says that it expires in 6 days (appears that I have the trial version). How do I access the lifetime version that I paid for?
  • Chris Chapman Feb 26, 2020 14:30 Hello, I purchased the Iris pro for 14.99, which says life time duration. However, I am now being told that I am expired from using Iris and to purchase again. Can you please help clear this up? Thanks.

E-mail answer

Thanks for supporting our work 🙂

In the E-mail that you received after the purchase, you have an activation code. You need to enter it into the app or just click the Activate button in the E-mail as shown:

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How to move Iris to a different device?

When you need to reinstall your device or Iris, or you’ve changed the device you have to revoke your code in order to be able to use it again.

That’s because when you use the code on a certain machine it ‘attaches to it’ and you need to ‘detach’ it so to speak.

You can write to us at contact@iristech.co to do it for you, or you can register in our user panel – see User Panel section for more information.

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Revoking license

To revoke your license you can register with the email connected to your license in our User Panel here – User Panel.

After you register in Licenses -> Move license -> enter the activation code and it will be revoked.

Then you need to enter the activation code into the new device – see How to activate Iris section.

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Re-activating Lifelong without updates codes

  • If you’ve bought the basic Iris license without updates the code also attaches to the specific version you first used after activating.
  • There is a difference between the cheaper Iris Pro license and the Iris lifelong license
  • If you have to reinstall or move devices you need to download the same version you used before or your code won’t work

How to find your old version

Answers also

  • Re-activating Lifelong for 1 version codes
  • Re-activating Lifelong without updates codes
  • Activating Iris after I have changed my computer
  • Activating old version of Iris again


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Moving Licenses

If you change or reinstall your PC, or reinstall Iris and you get this message after trying to activate Iris:

“Code is already used”

“You already used the code on another machine”

You can free your code from the old machine by registering in the User Panel

  • From here you can manage all your codes
  • Make sure you register with the same E-mail that you used for the purchase

When the Status of the code goes to Not used after you click Move to another PC you can use your code again 🙂

Re-activating Iris

Moving your License

Answers also

  • Code is already used
  • You already used the code on another machine
  • Moving licenses
  • I got a new pc and installed Iris, then there was a problem with it and have another one. Getting a message that code CODE is used. Do I need a new code?
  • How do I re-activate it on my computer
  •  I had purchased Iris Pro and I recently got a new computer. Is there a way that I can transfer my account
  • Can I reset the code and allow me to enter the code again
  • My older device is broken
  • Can I reactivate Iris on a new device
  • My hard drive crashed and I need to reinstall Iris on my new one
  • My laptop crashed, how to get Iris on the new one
  • I’ve purchased a Pro membership but have a new computer
  • After installing Iris on the new computer the activation code does not work
  • I am only using this one computer, can I be sent an activation code that works
  • I need to move the below license to a different computer but did not manage to make it
  • I clicked the “Revoke License” button below, and use the code to activate Iris on my new computer, but I got an error message that the code has been used somewhere else
  • I had to reinstall Iris again but get the message that “You have already used this code with other version of Iris. Download and use the old version again or buy new activation code.”
  • Hi, Whenever I change machine I’m unable to use my license, can I please get a fix for this
  • I had to reset my computer & tried to reinstall Iris but the activation code no longer works. The prompt says I need to install the older version but I can’t find where that is on your website
  • I have changed the computer, and now it cannot be activated. Could you please help to reset the activation times
  • Could you please tell me which version I activated before
  •  I have a new computer that doesn’t recognize my Iris account. Tech-wise, how do I go into Iris and tell it that it’s me just with a different computer
  • I have the same problem of the subscription being for 2 PCs at the same time
  • Trying to use code CODE. It’s saying I need to download an older version. How do I do that
  • I would like my subscription to iris to continue, but I have changed the computer and I would like iris to work on this one now. Please can you send me the code to put into my new laptop
  • I purchased the Iris Pro. It says lifetime duration. However, it is telling me that it is expired. Could you please help clarify why that is the case and how I can start using it again
  • I also tried the revoke license function but it doesn’t seem to be working
  • I recently upgraded my work PC that I was using this subscription for.  Is it possible to transfer this license to my new PC
  • I had to change laptop,but saved my old data,but now Iris stopped functioning,as it expired
  • i have tried to reboot throughout my previous code but to no avail
  • Hi, I purchased the “lifelong” version of Iris for x on January 14, 2020. However, my version lasted for a short time, and then I received a message that it had expired. I paid with a PayPal account. Please check your records and send me the version that I paid for
  • I’ve been a user of Iris Pro for a few months but a few days ago my computer and email got hacked, I am rebuilding my PC but I can’t find the Iris Pro key
    My mail is stolen and I am unable to get it back
  • Hello, I have purchased a new pc.  When I try to use my activation code for Iris it says it has already been used on another machine.  I thought I could transfer the activation code?  How do I use the code to activate Iris on my new PC?  My code is
  • I bought iris and installed, but had to reset my hard disk. I dont know how to reinstall again (user name? password? procedure?)…can u halp please
  • I got a notification that my iris expired. I thought I had paid for it or is it just for the year
  • I have bought 3 activation codes over time & still can’t get it working on my new MacBook Pro. I tried revoking but it still didn’t work
  • Hello, I need to move a code between computers but I cannot see my codes in my account. I think I may have moved the codes trying to consolidate accounts but I don’t know what my login is. I’m paying $3.99 for multiple devices. can you let me know what the email is that has access to these codes
  • I have Iris on my work computer, am I able to use the same license on my person computer at home? My previous activation code was CODE
  • I had to erase my mac hard drive and go back from Catalina to Mohave operating systems because Catalina was not running my Adobe programs well so I am having to reinstall all my applications because after saving in Catalina it will not save anything once you erase your computer. So….can I reinstall your application on my computer
  • One of the two PCs with Iris on them has crashed,   I have a new PC and need to know how to use the license from the crashed computer on the new computer
  • Dear Iris, I had a lifelong subsciption to Iris but yesterday my computer crashed and the store installed a new harddisk and now the subscription is gone
  • I reset my PC OS. All apps has to be reinstalled. When I reinstalled Iris,it was not successful. Thre is a prompt that the activation code is used by others. But I only used it in this laptop. Please tell me what to do
  • преинсталирах Windows-a и сега не ми приема кода
  • Hi, i just installed Iris on a new computer and it asked me for a new license
  • hi, if I lost all the information on my previous PC and had to format the machine, how can I restore my Iris account
  • I accidentally deleted my lifetime Iris account. How can I reclaim it
  • I lost my lifetime membership apparently , I formatted my PC and imported the settings, but now the version that I have is the trial version that will expire soon does anybody have the same problem
  • Why has my license expired I’m still using the same computer
  • Hi, I have changed computer and cant find the activation password. what to do
  • My employer has changed the computer I use at work while I was away in a vacation and I have lost the app installed. I tried to enter the code in the “Licence” box, but it’s not accepted
  • I need to move this from one of my laptops to another.  The question I have is there a way I can tell in the software on which license I am using for this laptop
  • i got myself a new Mac and ran again into the problem as last time (see below). May i ask for a valid code for Iris? The version is 1,2 on my old Mac and is the same in the trial version on my new one. The old Mac will be deleted and then sold
  • Can you pleaser help? I got a new pc for Xmas I FINALLY added Iris back on tonight but it is stating my code has been used. But that was for my mac. That I no longer use.
    My code was
  • However I had to take my computer back to factory settings and delete every thing on it due to a virus , how do I re-instate iris on my computer? I have deleted all emails from when I purchased iris
  • hi, I need to format my pc and don’t know how not to lose the software membership, any thoughts
  • to desktop but my code doesn’t work
  • just upgraded PC and sold my laptop with factory reset windows 10. I want to use the licence that I bought for Iris on this computer now. HOw do I transfer it
  • Hi, I had IRIS installed on my previous laptop and deleted it. Now trying to install on my new device and can’t find my license information. How do I go about finding it. I have my transaction ID but not the license number
  • I bought Lifelong without updates license for Iris Pro before 15 minutes and have three machines one of them uses Linux the orther two use Windows. The latest version for linux is 0.9.9 but for Windows is 1.2. I never use more than one at a time and want to Iris on all of them. Unfortunatly I use the code first on my linux machine and now I cant activate Iris on my Windows machine
  • I see that I can’t install for all users. That’s unfortunate. If I install it for myself, then change to my child’s account, will it take another license, or is it one license per machine? Can it tell that it’s already licensed on that computer?
  • hello how to i get iris back on my computer? It was repaired by apple and iris is no longer active
  • Thanks for previous reply. I have 2 laptops at home I have paid for lifetime membership can I have iris on my other laptop please ?.
  • Hi Daniel, great product it’s saved my career almost! I’m having an issue, I bought a lifetime account years ago but seems I can’t login on my new machine I think the email was It’s working still on my old machine but no way to double check which email But the thing is the above email is in your mailing list from years ago I’m hoping to get it again urgently as I’m very sick with eye strain atm I got a new monitor also which cost me £1500 and I’m so Ill atm I’d appreciate maybe if I can consult with you to help me get better? I’ve not been able to work for a week
  • Hi, I just switched computers, can I transfer my previous iris license?
  • Hi my machine was reimaged as it had some problems and my iris application was deleted. I reinstalled it and it’s put me on a trial version. How do I go back to my pro version?
  • As of a couple days ago, my original installation of Iristech on my original partition has stopped working, and demanding an access code
  • Hi. I need help moving my subscription to another computer.
  • I had to change harddisk on my mac and Iris does not recognize it. How do I activate my Iris again
  • Hi I am about to change over my laptop. What do I need to do to in order to transfer licence to new machine?
  • I moved to Linux and now I can’t activate the license with the same key because the Linux version isn’t the same. How do I reactivate on Linux.
  • Bought a new computer at a lifetime membership. I was just trying to get the code to transfer it to my new computer and nobody is responding and it’s been quite a while.
  • Hey, I am using iris on a laptop and I created another profile on the same device and it doesnt work. Is there a way to make it work on both profiles or at least switch it to the new profile?
  • How do I transfer Iris to new Mac
  • I paid for the Pro version. I recently changed my motherboard and now I get the message “You have already used this code on another machine”. Does my activation code become obsolete when I change Motherboards?
  • закупих си преди месец, има ли как да ползвам на двата си компа приложението? тъй като въведох ключа и не ми даде да го ползвам втори път
  • Hello, I am transitioning from a laptop computer to a desktop. How can I transfer my Lifetime Iris to my new computer
  • HI Daniel, I paid for lifetime iris and I no longer have access. I erased my MacBook software and redownloaded it. I cannot find the activation code anywhere. Please advise on how to get Iris up and running on my MacBook again.
  • I reinstalled windows and cannot activate iris using my code. It tells me that it only works on an older version of iris
  • i just reinstalled windows and cant activate my Iris code
  • Hi there, I have three computers at home and have purchased Iris at least two times and I believe more. Somehow on my laptop my IRIS got disconnected and when I try to reactivate it I can’t use this old code. Can you take a look at my account with the payments I’ve made and advise me on whether I need to purchase a new one to replace what got de-activated
  • Hey Daniel! I bought a lifetime subscription with iris a few years ago. I recently bought a new laptop as my old one broke and went to put my activation code into Iris and it’s giving me this message
  • Hi, I am about to get a new laptop. How do I transfer the life long license over? I don’t know what email, or password I used.
  • How do I transfer an activation code from one machine to another?
  • hi, I just bought a new desktop because of windows 11 can i move my subscription to my new computer ??
  • Hi Daniel, in December 2020 I purchased Iris and I appreciate it. My computer needs some upgrading and the computer guy told me that I will lose what I have already installed, which include Iris. Is there a way to get a new link to download Iris again once my computer will be ready ? Many thanks !
  • I need to reset the activation code 2022.04.15
  • Hi there. I bought a license for Iris back in 2021 and the computer that it was configured on failed. I am trying to install on my laptop but when I get into my account it does not list any license available. I cannot find my original purchase email receipt, though I have the Paypal record of the purchase. 2022.04.19
  • Hi I had bought a few years ago a pro code and now its not working anymore. Here is my code hBg5U Thanks Jp – 2022.07.03

E-mail answer

Iris suddenly expired

Re-install Iris on a new computer

License actions

Using multiple machines

  • If you have multiple machines just revoke the code from the User Panel when you are going to switch to a new machine and enter the activation code on the new machine
  • For instructions on how to do this see

See also

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How to activate Iris?

How to find my License

After you pay for Iris you should receive a confirmation email that contains an activation code. Example

You can also find your code by registering into our User Panel with the same E-mail that you bought Iris. See How to find my License

Activating the app

You need to enter this code in the app in order to activate it. To do this you can just click the Activate button below the code

If this doesn’t work, see this article:

Where we have pictures and videos how you can do this 🙂

How to install Iris

How to activate Iris

You have to enter that activation code into the program. See here for a visual guide – how to install and activate Iris.

Moving your License

Answers also

  • How to install and activate Iris
  • How to activate Iris
  • How do I re-activate it on my computer
  • I purchased the Iris Pro. However, it is telling me that it is expired. Could you please help clarify why that is the case and how I can start using it again
  • I buyed the Iris Pro Lifelong without updates version. Why I get this Message: Expires in 6 days
  • Thank you for your app. Since I purchased Iris Pro I, unfortunately, have not been able to use it – I keep getting the popup that says trial expired… I have deleted and re-downloaded and reinstalled several times. Please help – I’d really like to be able to use this
  • I have purchased a monthly subscription and my app states expired
  • I have never been able to get Iris to function no matter how many times I read and follow the FAQ, request ownership of my license, uninstall and re-download. It always says trail expired. No option to enter my key. If I click buy, still no option to enter my key. a month I’ve been tinkering with this when I have time. Please help
  • and now my app has been disabled ? can you solve this asap? I have paid for the full product
  • Iris doesn’t work. I’ve now paid the 14.99 twice. And all it does is go back to the box that says expired.

E-mail answer

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Finding older versions

One of our licensing options is called Lifelong for 1 version and thanks to it we can offer our software at really reasonable prices with subscription and still support the development.

If you, however, change your PC or reinstall Iris with the latest version you will not be able to activate the newest version and a message like this will appear:

“You have already used this code with other version of Iris. Download and use the old version again or buy new activation code”

Downloading older versions

You can download all Iris old versions from:

Finding your version

  • If you don’t know your old version number you can find it from the User Panel

You can see the version next to your activation code

If the code is valid for all versions it will say ALL on the Versions field.

Move your License if it’s used right now

  • If it says that your code is Already used right now, click the button Move License to free it for your new PC

Download the version for your code

What if it says ALL for Version?

  • This means that you can download the latest version of Iris from here
  • And that you have lifelong updates for all future versions

Answers also

  • How to download old version of Iris
  • How to find which version my code was used on
  • Where to find older versions
  • Where to find an old version
  • Where can I find this older version
  • Trying to use code CODE. It’s saying I need to download an older version. How do I do that
  • I somehow updated my Iris pro and now it doesn’t work, saying I need to download the old version for my activation codes to work. Please advise
  • Hello! I bought Iris a couple of years ago. Now my computer updated the version and I can’t use the “pro features”. I also don’t know what version I bought. Only know my code. How can I find out which version it will work on?
  • Hi I just had to update my computer and redownloaded Iris…I had purchased a lifetime activation code and now the new 1.2 version of iris is not accepting my old license activation code. It says I need to download the 1.1 version for my Mac and I”m not sure how to do that on the Github page…?
  • hi, I bought Iris Pro but changed to a new device, now I can’t manage to redownload it on my new device. I tried to find the correct file from the GitHub page but didnt succeed (I have macOS Catalina)
  • hi guys could you help me out with the following issue You have already used this code with other version of Iris. Download and use the old version again or buy new activation code.? I already revoke license via portal
  • Love the app. Had to reinstall the app on my computer and running into issues. Says to download an older version, but I am using an older version

E-mail answer

Copy Link

No access to my old E-mail that I used for the purchase

  • There is no way for us this way to verify your ownership of the E-mail and the license
  • If you reset your password and manage to enter the E-mail you can use
  • You can also buy a new license and when you change your E-mail again, make sure to change the ownership also to the new E-mail

Answers also

  •  I used an old email address to purchase that I no longer have access to
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Activating Iris Offline

If you are not connected at all

  • If you are not connected at all to the internet
  • You can activate Iris offline
    • Enter the activation code
      • OfflineCode
  • To do this
  • Open Iris
  • Enter this activation code: OfflineCode
  • If you get an error that
    • No such code exists
    • This means that you are connected to the internet and you can activate with the activation code that you got after your Iris purchase
    • Enter the code that you got after your Iris purchase
    • Iris will activate online successfully
  • Otherwise, you will get a “thank you” notification
  • Iris is successfully activated offline
  • Make sure that you are always offline
  • If you go online you need to activate Iris with the code that you got after your Iris purchase

If you can connect to the internet

  • If you can connect to the internet for a couple of minutes
  • Enter the code that you got after your Iris purchase
  • After successful activation, you can go offline again and Iris will still be activated

Answers also

  • I’m at a company where online activation of your software isn’t an option how to activate offline
  • Is there any possibility for offline activation
  • I recently purchased your Iris software to install on my work computer. My company has restrictions on the computer that blocks your website. I had to download the installer on another computer and transfer it to my work computer – which allowed me to install with no issues. When I go to activity your product with my code, I get an “invalid response” text box. Is this because it cannot connect w/ your site that may be blocked? Is there a workaround?
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How to find my License

Answers also

  • I don’t see any way to invoke the program
  • I didn’t receive a license number with the purchase
  • I purchased Iris a couple years ago and have purchased a new computer and would like to carry my license over to the new machine. However, I don’t seem to have a user account as at the time of purchasing I don’t think that had been integrated into the website yet. Let me know what the easiest way to go about obtaining my license is
  • I sent a request via discord. Since you seem to respond better on Facebook, I will bring the problem here. I have Iris Software that I paid for, but I did not save the activation code and it is not showing up in my licenses on my profile. Please look up my account and help
  • Just now I need to go to the official website to submit my serial number to reset, but my license has not been displayed
  • I need to move to another computer and can’t change it
  • Hey man, how you going? I had to do a clean reinstall for my Mac Pro and I had Iris Software on my Mac before after purchasing a few years ago. Where would I be able to find a license activation code? Thanks in advance bro…
  • I bought a subscription on monday but didn’t get my code, can someone please contact me. It led to a page that said “request failed”
  • I had to reset my computer and I want to add Iris back to it. When I login to the Iris user panel, I can’t see my purchases or find my verification codes. I actually have 2 – one computer I pay monthly, and the other I paid the $14.99. Any help is appreciated!
  • hi, i got a new computer and don’t have my license info saved. How can i recover it?
  • Hi! I bought the license to pro on Jan 31 of this year and put in the code, and it didn’t work. Now the code is gone. How can I access a new code so that the software works. Now I’m paying 1.99 a month to supplement for the care but want to be able to use the pro since i bought it. I went on dispatch and got no response or help. Thanks for your help here! 2022.05.01

E-mail answer

  • The code is connected to the E-mail that you used for the purchase
  • We don’t have direct access to personal information related to your e-mail, purchases, or code but
  • You can see your code by registering into our User Panel
  • For Subscriptions it’s in the Subscriptions page in the User Panel not in the License page
  • We have a guide for this here 🙂
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Iris suddenly expired

Answers also

  • Hi, I purchased the “lifelong” version of Iris for $ on January 14, 2020. However, my version lasted for a short time, and then I received a message that it had expired. I paid with a PayPal account. Please check your records and send me the version that I paid for
  • Hi Daniel, I just purchased Iris. After downloading Iris multiple times, it still shows me only an expired version and I have been unable to use it. Can you help? Thanks! -Elizabeth It was so easy to install/use the free version; why is the version I purchased such a mystery? Would appreciate some tips to be able to start using Iris. Thanks. – Elizabeth
  • I purchased a license, was able to use it for a week, and now I can’t regain access
  • I purchased Iris for $ USD on Jan 13th 2022, a few months ago, and now Iris won’t work and says “Expired”. How do I fix this?
  • O Öste Feb 26, 2020 08:50 Hello, I goy an iris license a year ago or so and it was working fine until this afternoon. It just showed me a notification that my account has expired. And now weirdly when I go into log into the iris.co website it says my account doesn’t exist??

E-mail answer

Copy Link

How to Request Ownership of Trial or License

  • When you Register into the User Panel you can see all your Trials and Licenses from the menus
  • If you don’t some or all of your Trials and Licenses the reason is
    • That you have bought your Iris License with different E-mail
      • By license I mean the activation code
    • The Trial is not connected to your User Panel E-mail
  • You can get the Trials and Licenses into your account from the Request Ownership menu
  • From here enter your Trial ID or the License code and you will receive a confirmation e-mail to transfer the ownership
    • You will receive the confirmation on the e-mail you used for the purchase, not the e-mail used to login into the User Panel
    • This is a security measure because somebody else can steal your license without a confirmation otherwise
    • Example
      • You have registered into the User Panel with the e-mail john@gmail.com
        • You want to get your license connected to this account
      • You have paid for Iris from the e-mail john.doe1989@gmail.com
        • You will receive the confirmation to this e-mail
        • After you click the confirmation link the code will go into your profile to john@gmail.com
    • The code is now into your account

Answers also

  • How to Request Ownership of Trial or License
  • I don’t see the license in my user panel
  • I don’t see the activation code in my profile
  • Want to move this CODE license to the new pc, but it’s not on my iris user panel to move
  • I have registered on the portal but I cannot see any of the licenses
  • Thats the email that gets charged but not the account that has the licenses. I don’t know what the log in for the licenses is
  • hi – same situation here as above – To licence a new computer I tried to register at the user panel with my email but the system didn’t recognize my email address. How do I get a new password? or even register again
  • could you link this license to my user email
  • i want to move my license to new laptop. Went to the Iris Control Panel but it says doesn’t have any license, even when i enter the same, which is working. Could you help here? 2022.05.01

E-mail answer

  • You need to get the licenses to this account by going to Request Ownership see this
  • If you don’t know your activation codes or the e-mail which you used to buy Iris we also have no way to find them
  • But if you know your activation code you will receive the verification e-mail to the inbox of the e-mail account you used for the purchase
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Getting giveaway code back after changing PC

  • You can only get your giveaway code back if it was connected to your E-mail
    • Basically downloaded Iris at the time of the giveaway from our website and entered your E-mail
    • You can do this from the User Panel
  • Otherwise, we have no way to find your code because everything is anonymous
  • You can use Iris mini for free

Answers also

  • Hi! I have got an issue, I have had iris in the past on my computer and was really happy with it. Recently I have reinstalled my pc, and later found my activation key in a backup file. I went to the iris website and clicked the move to new computer, however it just deleted the key and I can’t use it now because it was a giveaway key (version 0.9.3) I still have the key though, is there any chance of getting the pro version back?
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Licensing on dual-boot machine

  • You need to buy a license for each OS
  • Sometimes your code will work on both machines because the identification we use (hard drive id, processor id, mac address, etc) is the same
    • Try to enter the code on the second machine before purchasing the second license
  • Alternatively, you can move your license from time to time from the User Panel

Answers also

  • I have created a dual-boot machine and need a new activation code for the new booting part. I already paid for a license and it’s the same computer.
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How to enable and disable features

In the Advanced view, there are a lot of menus with different features.
If you decide you don’t want to use any menu or feature you can disable it (or enable it if you want to use it instead).

You can do that from the Features menu in the Advanced view.

  • Inside you can see a set of icons that represent every menu.

When you click on any icon you can toggle it on or off.

If the icon has a black background it’s turned on.

When the feature is off it won’t appear in Advanced view.

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How to get the Color Temperature page

The Color Temperature page is similar to the Blue light page

  • Color Temperature of 6500 K = Blue light of 100%
  • Color Temperature of 3510K = Blue light of 54%
  • Color Temperature (K) = 65 * Blue light (%)

In the beginning, we used Color Temperature, but users were finding this confusing and we switched to the Blue light (%).

You can still enable the Color Temperature page from the Features section.

How to enable Color Temperature page

  1. Open Iris
  2. Go to Advanced settings
  3. Scroll to Features and open the section
  4. Enable Color Temperature page
  5. Go back to the Advanced settings
  6. You have the Color Temperature page

Alternative method

If magic links work on your PC

Answers Also

  • Where is the Color temperature page
  • Can I adjust the color temperature
  • How to enable and disable features
  • How to enable and disable sections
  • How to enable and disable pages


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Iris Pro Features

Iris has two views – Simple and Advanced.

In Simple view, you can choose from preset Modes and Types (read more about them in the Modes and Types section), see your location, turn on/off your rest timer and if you haven’t activated the Pro version you’ll also see a field to enter an activation code.


In Advanced view there are many settings you can manually adjust to fit your preferences. Here we will take a look at them all one by one. Additionally you can click on the blue ‘i’ button on the side of every menu to be redirected to a help page.


Blue light – From here you can adjust the amount of blue light emitted by your screen.


Color temperature – Adjust the temperature of the light emitted by your screen, additional to the blue light menu, the warmer the better.



Brightness – Adjust the brightness, make sure it’s appropriate for your environment.


Sleep – You can adjust specific values for blue light and color temperature for certain hours of the day/night.


Location – Add your location for the Automatic mode to know when is day and night.


Settings – From here you can select autosave for settings and turn on/off the low-level color API.



Timer – The timer makes sure you take breaks once in a while, you can change the duration between breaks, of breaks, and turn the timer on and off.


Manage monitors – From this menu, you can choose settings if you have more than one monitor connected to your computer.


Lightness – Lightness allows you to highlight (light-up) only a certain part of your screen.


Saturation – Adjust, turn on/off the saturation.


Transition – You can set the duration of different smooth transitions, some people like instant transition why others prefer the transition to be several hours.


Moon – There is a slight shift during the night depending on if it’s happening during a Full Moon or a New Moon. Iris takes that into account and automatically adjusts to it but from this setting, you can change and customize it the way you want it to be.


Screen effects – With Color Temperature you can lower the blue light, but with Screen effects you can apply more complex color effects to the screen.


Color scheme – You can select one of the color presets that control how the different values of Color Temperature and Brightness are displayed on the screen.


Fonts – You can choose different system wide font rendering, beautiful font rendering works with font smoothing and blurring which is bad for the eyes.


Magnification – You can magnify just a section of your screen, for example to see text better or when watching some youtube videos that aren’t full screen.


System – From here you can choose to hide the taskbar and start Iris on start-up.


Shortcuts – See the shortcuts for different settings to use Iris faster.


Color pausers – Color pausers are way to pause Iris color changes when certain programs are running. This is useful when you use programs like Photoshop and want to automatically pause Iris they’re running.


Timer pausers – Timer pausers are a way to pause the timer when certain programs are running. This is useful when you watch movies for example and don’t want the rest screen to appear and interrupt.


Mouse pausers – If you’ve chosen to use the software mouse or need to see the actual color of the mouse cursor you can pick certain programs that will pause the effects of Iris on the mouse.


Screen overlay – Screen overlay is special blue light reduction and chromotherapy filter.


Color triggers – The opposite of color pausers, you can add some programs to trigger a certain color change when turned on.


Artificial intelligence (AI) – You can enable some really nice features and innovations, some of them use the camera and are disabled by default.


Invite friends – From here you can invite friends, sync and re-check invitations. For more information on how to invite friends check out the Friend invites section.


Features – From this menu you can turn on and off different other menus – for example when you’re not using something and don’t want it to show up.


Hidden features – for information see Hidden features section.


Language – Change the language of the program. Is your language missing? Become a translator.


Debug – Information about your settings and device you can send to us in case of any problems.


About – You can see your software version from here.

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Iris Mini Features

Iris Mini is the minimalistic version of Iris. It doesn’t have a user interface, just a taskbar icon on which you can right-click and see the menu.

In the free version, you’ll see the three preset modes – Automatic, Manual and Paused (read more about them in the Modes and Types section).

In the Pro version, you can see additional settings for brightness and color temperature.

Read more about the Mini here: Iris Mini.

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Iris Micro Features

Iris Micro is the smallest Iris model – it’s literally just a command line.

Read more about it here: Iris Micro.

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Vision Features

Vision is a software for the color blind.

It’s free to use and has three presets – Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.

If you want you can also buy Vision Pro and make your own personalized mode.

Read more about Vision here: Vision.

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Make the Mouse pointer Orange

  • The software cursor feature works only on Windows
  • To get an Orange mouse you need to click Use software mouse
  • When this is unchecked the mouse will be blue on Windows like this
  • When checked the cursor will match the screen
  • This option is not enabled by default, because some people reported me that when they play games with this feature on the game cursor disappears which is unacceptable to be by default.

Iris cursor issue fix (Dec 7, 2019)

Works only on Windows

If you have Iris turned on and the cursor doesn’t appear or shows up bright and not affected by Iris follow one of these instructions:

  • go to Advanced view, Settings menu, and check the Use low-level Color API box
  • go to Advanced view, System menu, and check the Use software mouse cursor box

Don’t forget to Save settings

Answers also

  • Is it just me or the pointer of the mouse is left with no protection
  • Hi, after this latest Catalina OSX update, my cursor is not filtered and is very white/blue. The software cursor fix on the Iris site didn’t help. Any suggestions?
  • The cursor is not working with Iris. It’s as if the settings aren’t being applied to the cursor I’m using macOS Catalina 10.15.5 on a MacBook Pro (retina, 13-inch, early 2015)
  • make Iris mouse cursor orange. iris cursor is not yellow orange. iris cursor is unaffected
  • hello everyone, today I bought the IRIS, everything is perfect at low temperature filter but my cursor is always white. Can you please give me advice How to solve this problem?
  • hi I’m having a issue as I just bought a licence and my mouse for my mac is super blue and distracting when on sleep mode can anyone help ? – 2022.06.07

E-mail answer

Make my cursor orange on Windows

Make my cursor orange on macOS

  • Some versions of macOS automatically also change the cursor. We don’t have a solution for other versions that don’t. On Windows, we have a feature Use software cursor which does this but it doesn’t work on macOS or Linux
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Iris and Location Privacy

  • Iris doesn’t collect any info
  • The location check is approximate and it’s done based on IP and we do not collect them also
  • There is one call to check the license and one call to make +1 of the times Iris has been started total at the start of the app
    • Both these checks are anonymous and use something we call machine fingerprint which is hash of hard drive id, processor id, mac address and other variables which is impossible to decipher
  • You can check your location from this website by IP

Answers also

  • Hi guys at Iris, I am interested in using this for working from home but I have concerns about privacy, what information does this app collect if any
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Modes and Types FAQs

Iris Pro has different Modes and Types in Simple view.

Reading mode and subpixel flicker

  • chetrusca natalia Feb 26, 2020 23:16 Hello, I purchased recently the Iris Pro and I would like to set it on Reading to eliminate the subpixel flicker but at 1900K vs 5000 K (the standard for Reading mode). Or if I adjust the blue light to 1900k the subpixel will be eliminated as well? As per your explanation I understood that only the Reading, Sleep and Biohacker modes will eliminate the subpixel flicker. Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks. Natalia

Email answer

All Modes and Types

To learn more about what any of this means check out these two articles: Mode and Type.

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User Panel

To revoke your code and move your license to a new computer go to

  • Licenses -> Move License -> enter the code and click on the button OR
  • Go to Licenses -> My licenses -> on the row of the license you want to move at the end there’s the same button you can click on to move the license

If you want to connect your license to a different email or want to claim a license created by an admin as your own go to

  • Licenses -> License is missing -> enter the activation code
    • If the license was created by an admin it will automatically appear as claimed.
    • If it’s connected to a different email you will receive a confirmation mail in the email that the license is connected to.
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User Panel -> My Licenses page columns explanation

  • In the User Panel on the My Licenses page, there are different columns
  • This is an explanation of what the values in these columns mean
  • The columns are
    • Product name
      • Example: Iris, Iris mini, Vision, Magicomplete
      • This is the name of the product for which the Activation code is
      • You can use the activation code only on this product
    • Activation code
      • Example: CODE
      • This is the activation code for the product
      • You activate the code by entering it into the app after you download and install it
    • Version
      • Example: 1.2.0
        • This is the version of the product on which the code was used
        • In order to activate the code again, you need the same version
        • You can download your this version from our archive at
        • Or by clicking the button from Actions column
        • This is the cheaper option – Lifelong without updates
      • ALL
        • This means that you can use the code on all versions of the Product name
        • This is the more expensive option Lifelong with future updates
      • NOT_SET
        • This means that the code is not used yet and you can download the latest version of the Product name
        • You can also download the latest version from the website or from the Actions column
    • Expires on
      • Example: 2020-08-24 18:57:53
        • This is the date on which the Activation code will expire and your Product name will stop working
        • Note that when you have a subscription this will update automatically on every billing date (monthly, yearly, etc)
      • NEVER
        • This means that the code will never expire
        • This is when you have Lifelong without updates or Lifelong with future updates
    • Status
      • Already used
        • Your code is used on some PC and if you want to use it on a new PC you need to move it
        • To move your code click Move to another PC
      • Not used
        • This means that the code if not used on another PC and you can use it again on a new PC
        • Just download the version of your product if it’s connected to a version
        • Or the latest version if it says NOT_SET or ALL on the version column
    • Actions
      • Download this version
        • If you have bought Lifelong without updates you can download the version which your code is connected to with this button
      • Download APP
        • If you have bought Lifelong with future updates or your code is this not used you can download the latest version of the app and use your code
      • Move to another PC
        • If you have already used your code you can move it to a new PC with this button

Answers also

  • I typed the code into my user panel, but there is no option button to move the license to another computer
  • It also doesn’t say the version that I bought, so I’m not sure which version to download
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You can become an affiliate of Iris to support us and earn money at the same time.

After registering you’ll receive a unique link – when someone buys Iris through your link they’ll get a 10% discount and you’ll receive a 20% commission.

See how to become an affiliate here: Affiliates.

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Bulk deals

We also offer bulk deal discounts if you want to buy many licenses at the same time.

Contact us at contact@iristech.co and we’ll make you a personalized offer.

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Friend invites

You can invite friends and both of you will receive one month of Iris Pro free. You can invite as many friends as you want.

Check this article for more information on how to invite friends, sync invites, get your one month and in the newest version, you can also recheck your invitation: How to invite friends.

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Social media pages

We constantly upload articles with more information about protection tips, fun facts, and new information.

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Are you happy with Iris? Leave us a review!

If you’re satisfied with Iris, we would be really happy if you could leave us a review on

It helps us build trust and motivates us to make the software even better 🙂

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Getting support in other languages

  • We only offer support in English
  • Please ask your question in English
  • And send us all relevant information so we can solve the problem faster without asking additional questions 🙂

Answers also

  • How to get support in other languages
  • Cómo obtener ayuda
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How Iris prevents eye strain?

Prevent Eye strain

Iris optimizes screen pulsations by controlling the brightness without PWM.
You will be able to use your computer for longe r without headaches.

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How to reduce flicker

Iris helps you reduce PWM and sub-pixel flicker

In order to do that set your built-in monitor brightness to maximum and then adjust from the Iris settings

Click here to see how to set up Iris best

See our flicker test here

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How Iris Advanced Settings work?

Iris timer stays at 0 sec until work and what to do?

Sometimes I have noticed that Windows OS is bugging the timer events and Iris timer stops to work.

It stays at 0 sec until work.

I tried really hard to find the issue, but it happens when you lock and unlock your PC a lot without restart.

If this is the case try to restart your PC and Iris timer should start to work fine again.

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I am using Windows 10. Considering switching to Firefox. If I do that after installing Iris, will there be a problem?

No, Iris is software that doesn’t depend on any browser.

It doesn’t matter if you use Chrome or Firefox or something else.

Iris works by changing the colors of the screen and this doesn’t depend on the browser.

Maybe if you change your hard disk or processor or LAN card or basically your computer you need to move your license from here:


But in your case, everything should be fine 🙂

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Iris flashes on MacOS issue fix

In one of the Mac Catalina updates, there were some issues caused by the update that made Iris flash between bright and red

If you’re experiencing the issue:

  • check if you have any conflicting programs like flux and uninstall them
  • turn off automatic brightness
  • disable night shift
  • update Catalina again
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How to start your own business with Iris

I just purchased Pro on my Macbook and I’m wondering if i can use the App on my iPhone as well?

  • Yes, you can but Iris for iOS may be a little tricky for install.
  • See this page for more information on how to install Iris on iOS


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I need to install my Iris Pro on my iPhone

You can do this from here


but Iris for iOS may be a little tricky to install. I am working hard to improve this.

Otherwise, Iris for Macbook and macOS should work great.

If you only own iPhone and are not happy or need refund write to me at daniel@iristech.co


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I’m not too computer saavy… Is iris hard to set up? Will I easily understand how to use it?

Iris works automatically by default so you don’t need anything to start to use it.

The only problem may be the activation and entering of the activation code.

I wrote a detailed article with pictures and video here


Basically, after payment, you get an activation code and you just need to enter it into the program and click activate.

I’m trying to make this even easier.

Maybe someone can help you with this and after this, it will work automatically and you don’t need any specific knowledge.

If you have any problems you can write to me at daniel@iristech.co

It may take me a couple of days to respond because I get a lot of e-mails but I do read and answer everything.

If it doesn’t work or you have any problem which we can’t solve I will refund you 🙂

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How Do I Install Iris?

You can install Iris from the homepage by clicking Download or directly from this link


When you scroll down you will also see install instructions with images to help you install Iris.

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How do I know if Iris is Installed?

The screen should be a little more orange during the day and a lot more orange during the night.

You should also have a Desktop and tray icon on your PC. The tray icon looks like this

And when you right-click it opens a menu



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How to stop timer?

There are two places where you can start/stop the rest timer.

In the Simple view at the bottom where it says Timer, you can choose from the fall-down menu off.

In Advanced view -> Timer -> Timer type -> choose Off from fall down menu.

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Plenty of things already change the brightness of my screen. Why is Iris different?

Iris changes the color temperature of your display.

Natural light is more blue, while most artificial light (including candlelight) is warmer. Incandescent bulbs, which we’re all used to, become more red in tone when you dim them.

But newer LEDs and CFLs don’t – this includes the backlight on your monitor. If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably dealt with this, since pictures taken inside at night are always much more brown than photos outside.

Iris also changes your display brightness in an innovative way without PWM flickering.

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My cursor is blue on Windows. Why?

This happens when your video card displays use a “Hardware cursor”.
You can fix this by selecting “Use software mouse cursor” in Iris.

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Is there a way for my Iris to turn on automatically at startup?

Iris has an option in the settings that allows it to start on startup

If you want to turn it on:
Advanced settings -> System -> Start Iris on Startup

You can see a step by step here:

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How to cancel a Subscription?

See this page for tutorial

If you want to cancel your subscription you can go to this page:
And follow the instructions.

After you click on one of the Unsubscribe buttons

You will be redirected to the PayPal login page

After you log in you will see a list of active occurring payments and have the choice to stop them.

NB! If you do not cancel your subscription this way the payments will continue even if you uninstall the program.

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How to add a Location?

One of the features Iris has is that you can choose Automatic mode and based on your location, the program will determine whether it’s night or day and adjust your settings properly.

Some devices, however, don’t have a proper GPS system and thus Iris cannot figure out your exact location.

You can manually fix that by entering your coordinates in the program.

1. Go on Google and type down “My city my country coordinates”.

2. Open the Iris program and go to Advanced view and find the Location menu.

3. When you enter the menu you have to turn the Manual location slider to ON (the manual night duration slider is optional).

4. After the manual location is turned on, enter the coordinates you found on Google into the fields.

5. After that click on the Save and close button in the footer.

How to use the Debug Menu

One of the last menus in Advanced view in Iris is a menu called Debug.

In it you can find a wall of text that represents all the information about your Iris model, version, your device and OS, and all the settings you’re using.

This information is very important when reporting a problem – if you have any troubles with the software you can write to us at contact@iristech.co and it would be great if you could send us at least the first few parts of this Debug text so we have a basic idea of your system and can help you promptly.

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How to hide the taskbar icon?

Advanced view -> System menu -> Uncheck Hide Taskbar icon on close

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What is Iris

Iris is a software for eye protection, health, and productivity in front of digital devices.

Read about the creator of Iris here: Creator

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How to have Iris start automatically on start-up?

Advanced view -> System menu -> Check start Iris startup

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How to use Iris with more than one monitor?

If you don’t see any changes on your second monitor go to Advanced view -> Settings menu -> uncheck Use low-level Color API.

Then go to Advanced view -> Manage Monitors and you can adjust the settings for each monitor.

Check this article for visual guide: “Manage Monitors Page

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How to reset settings?

Advanced view -> Settings menu -> Reset settings to default or Reset colors.

Or go into the Blue light and Color temperature menus and reset them from there.

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How to find Your Version

Basic Iris Pro licenses are connected to one version and sometimes you need to use an older version for your code.

We also often improve the software by releasing new versions that have resolved issues or added features.

Also when you need to report some kind of problem, it’s good to mention what version of Iris you’re using to our support team for faster help.

There are a few ways to find out your version.


In the newer versions when you open the program you can see the version number in the lower right corner of the interface.

About menu

When you open the program go to Advanced view, scroll down and find the About menu.

Inside you can see information about your version and our software.

User Panel

You can register in our user panel here: https://iristech.co/custom-code/user-panel/pages/index.php

with the email that is connected to your purchase and license.

Then in Licenses -> My licenses you can see a list of your licenses with information including the version you’re using.

Download older version from here: https://iristech.co/iris-changelog/

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Using Iris for all Users on a PC

If you have multiple users on the same PC and want all of them to use Iris:

  • Install Iris on every user account (install Iris once for every user)
  • Enter the same activation code (it should work)

If for some reason the code doesn’t work on the second user account on the same PC please write to us 🙂

Answers also these questions:

Installing Iris on Computer so ALL users benefit. I installed Iris on my computer under my user sign in. There are other users set up on the same computer but when they sign-in on the SAME computer, Iris does NOT work for them. How do I fix this problem? Remember, I am NOT installing it on multiple devices.

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Iris mini doesn’t do anything on Android

If Iris mini effect doesn’t work please go the permissions and give Iris mini:

  • Draw over other apps permission

Also, make sure that Iris mini is not paused

The screen should look like this

Answers also these questions:

Hello, by any reason reasently, my iris mini for android doesn’t show any difference no matter if it’s turned on or off (it”s not working). I uninstall it and install it again and there was no change. My tablet is Samsung Galaxy tab S, SM T705, android 6.0.1. I like this app and l want to continue using it…

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How to stop rest timer notification sounds

When you have the rest timer enabled you will get audio and visual notifications for upcoming rests

If you don’t want to hear the sound notification you can disable them with a hidden feature

You can find the hidden feature here

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Which Iris model is best for me?

This solely depends on how much you want to interact with the program and adjust your own settings.

If you want to have all the freedom in the world to make your own custom preset and have all the fun and cool Iris features, pick the regular Iris – it comes with a 7-day free trial and you can buy it after that (see How to buy Iris section).

If you don’t really want to hassle much and just want a couple of pre-made modes install Iris Mini – it’s a minimalistic version of Iris.

Iris Micro is the super small, super-fast, command-line version of Iris, it’s practically invisible.

Iris Vision is a software for the color blind.

For more information about each model refer to What features does Iris have section.

This is answer also to:
Which is the best model for me
What is the difference between models

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Where to download Iris from

Download Iris from our official site only

Avoid downloading from other platforms as they might contain malware

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Iris not working immediately after Unlock

  • If Iris doesn’t work for several seconds after you Unlock your PC or MacBook
    • You can increase the update interval of Iris to be faster
    • The reason for this is because the operating system disables the effect when you lock your PC
  • Write as a hidden feature
    • set iris update interval to 1000
    • This will make Iris update every second instead of every 10 seconds
    • This will increase the CPU usage so if you have problems try with 2000 or 3000 ms update interval

Answers also

  • hello – is this something that can be fixed? When I let my mac sleep and then wake it up, Iris doesn’t kick in for 5-10 seconds. In the meantime, I am blinded by the light! Thanks for your help
  • Hi all – when my mac wakes from sleep iris-micro resets and I have to rerun it. Is there a workaround for this so the settings persist
  • I didn’t have the force quit problem. But yeah the sleep and awoke bug makes Iris unusable.
  • I have a bug on the M1 Macbook pro. every time when it comes back from sleep, it applies the Iris setting again so the screen gets darker and darker every time it comes back from sleep. Is anyone experiencing that?
  • iris should not be working on my external display connected to macbook pro via USB, and all the mentioned cases sound like it does not activate at all on the external monitor — however, it seems to be working for me except for a consistent 5 second lag in activating upon wake from sleep and connecting/disconnecting the macbook from the external monitor — does this lag issue fall under the scope of what’s described in that link? If so, does that mean vga/hdmi/airplay cable would fix it?
  • hello – is this something that can be fixed? When I let my mac sleep and then wake it up, Iris doesn’t kick in for 5-10 seconds. In the meantime I am blinded by the light! Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all – when my mac wakes from sleep iris-micro resets and I have to rerun it. Is there a workaround for this so the settings persist?
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App is too Big on the screen

Answers also

  • Does anyone have the issue of the app being “huge” where the DPI (scale and layout) of windows makes the window large
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Tips for Healthy Eyes – Eye pain, Eye strain, Dry eyes recommendations

Here are the best tips for healthy eyes and how to fix your eye problems

  • Use Iris or similar software for blue light reduction and brightness without flicker
  • Don’t use eye drops
    • They are addicting and your eyes stop to produce moisturizing tears
  • Get prescription glasses
    • They help for eye relaxation when looking at close distance objects
    • The human eyes are made for looking at distance objects so a pair of glasses with small diopter is always helpful when working in front of the computer
  • Place your monitor so you look down on it and your eyes are more closed
    • The more closed the eyes the less eye pain and dry eyes you will get because you blink more and your eyes are more moistured
  • Place your monitor so the window in the room is left or right to you
    • This way you avoid double image and reflections on your monitor
  • Get a monitor with matte coating instead of a glossy monitor
    • Or get a matte sheet to place on your glossy monitor
    • Matte coating diffuses the light and you don’t see double image and reflections on your monitor
  • Match your room lighting to the light emitted from the monitor
    • Your monitor should look like a book not like a light source
    • As a general rule, always keep the lights on when you work in front of the monitor
    • This helps to keep your eyes more relaxed when the screen colors change too much from dark to bright
  • Take some rests from time to time
    • And look at distant objects
    • This helps with eye relaxation again
  • Yawn more
    • Yawning is the best way to produce more tears and it’s contagious

After 1-2 weeks all your eye problems should be fixed 🙂

More about the subject

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Increasing the visibility of the text when Iris is working

  • By definition when you lower the blue light the screen colors will change a bit and the contrast will decrease
    • Too much contrast between the colors is the main reason we feel eye pain in front of the electronic devices
    • Too much contrast is not normal, when we read a book it adapts to the room lighting and the contrast is not huge
    • You also know that the color of the pages in a book is not clean white but gray instead
      • This also helps us read without feeling eye pain
  • However, when you decrease the blue light you may notice that the letters are harder to read
  • Not all people feel like this, generally the younger you are the less you will feel the effects of contrast and saturation

The goal of this page is to help you tweak the contrast and saturation while you lower the blue light emitted from the device

Possible Solutions

  • They work only on Windows
  • On macOS, there is no Saturation and Screen effects pages

Using MAX Saturation

  • One possible solution to lower the blue light and make the letters more visible is to increase the Saturation
    • This works only on Windows
    • On macOS and Linux you can just increase the value of the Blue light to increase the contrast

To do this

  1. Open Iris
  2. Go to Advanced settings
  3. Scroll to Saturation and open the section
  4. Enable the use of custom saturation by switching the Saturation checkbox to ON
  5. Move the saturation slider to the biggest possible value
  6. This may make the text more visible while the Blue light is still lowered 🙂

The results of MAX Saturation

  • This is how texts look WITHOUT the use of MAX Saturation
  • This is how texts look WITH the use of MAX Saturation

It’s a small difference but maybe it will help 🙂

Using MAX Brightness

  • Aside from that decreasing the Blue light decreases contrast
  • Decreasing the Brightness will also decrease the contrast
  • Thus another way to increase the visibility of the text is to actually increase the Brightness and decrease the Blue light more to get a similar luminance

To do this

  1. Open Iris
  2. Go to Advanced settings
  3. Scroll to Brightness and open the section
  4. From here you can increase the Brightness to the maximum and then lower the Blue light more

Using Daltonism color effects

  • Same as the other solutions you can try to combine Blue light reduction with the Daltonism color effects

To do this

  1. Open Iris
  2. Go to Advanced settings
  3. Scroll to Screen effects and open the section
  4. From here you can try the different Daltonism effects
    • (This will work only on Windows)
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Iris effect not working on Windows

  • On Windows 8 and Windows 10 we switched Iris to use High-level API by default however
    • High-level API doesn’t work
      • Without Aero enabled on Windows 7 and Windows 8
      • With Windows 7 Basic mode
      • Any other Ease of Access mode
      • When settings are changed to a 16-bit color mode or 256 color mode

Possible solutions

  • If you can enable Aero
  • Switch to Low-level API
  • If this doesn’t work try to switch to High-level API
  • If you don’t have video card drivers, install a video card drivers

Other solutions

Answers also

  • I am having trouble with getting started with Iris and it will expire
  • I tested to see if it is working properly, using the 3 tips or tests that came with the installation, and it indicates that it is not functioning properly
  • So, in the test, the screen never goes to red or yellow or orange. How do I set the monitor to maximum
  • Hi. My Iris app is not working properly. I cannot make adjustments to the colours. Could you please help


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Fix Iris Flashing

By flashing, flicker or ON and OFF we mean, if Iris:

  • Goes ON and OFF every several seconds
  • Flickers between orange and bright
  • Goes orange then a couple of seconds blue then orange again

What is the cause?

Here are several things which may cause this and ways to fix this

Conflicting programs

Remove all conflicting programs if you have any from your PC or Quit them. Examples of conflicting programs are:

  • Other blue light filtering software
  • Softwares for display calibration
  • Integrated blue light filtering or brightness adjusting features

Some programs which conflict with Iris are:

  • f.lux, Night Light, Night Shift, RedShift, Lightbulb, CareUEyes, Iris mini, Iris micro

If you have conflicting program quit it or remove it.

Other examples of conflicting programs are

  • The video card software sometimes also tries to change the gamma and the colors
  • On Windows, you can try switching between High and Low-level color API
  • Quit software for tweaking the video card or software from the video card vendors

Automatic Brightness

This happens a lot on macOS. If your monitor or laptop has an automatic brightness feature try to disable it and see if Iris will still flash.

Low-level API

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂

Video Tutorial

My monitor is blinking between the Iris setting and the regular blue light of my monitor? (Nov 4, 2019)

  • You can check if you are running two versions of Iris (or another similar program) at the same time.
  • They may conflict with each other and this may be the cause of this problem.
  • If that’s not the case, you can try enabling the high-level API.

Answers also

  • It just flashes a few times
  • Iris goes ON and OFF
  • Iris goes dark then bright
  • Iris goes bright then dark
  • Iris goes orange then bright
  • Iris goes yellow then bright
  • Won’t stop changing colors
  • Changing the filter on and off
  • I am experiencing bright flickers intermittently
  • It does seem to blink to a blue light screen every so often, is this normal
  • I just downloaded Iris. I’m using “overlay.” I’m wondering why is there a change in the lighting like every few seconds? Is that what it’s supposed to do? It goes dim, then less dim
  • HELP. I just downloaded IRIS and my screen light is now going lighter and darker every few seconds and I can’t stop it. I tried to delete the program, but it’s still doing it. I can’t find anyone to call. Can I get some help to stop this from happening
  • the intensity of light and the color is changing every 2-3 seconds
  • As soon as I downloaded Iris for my PC, the first night it worked pretty well for my two-monitor setup. I have a Lenovo 710 windows 10 PC laptop and a large AOC screen as my second monitor. In any case, my computer immediately began to slow down after download, but things were working well enough for internet browsing. I got a lot of flickering between settings throughout the next day on both of my screens. Eventually, my second monitor began blinking and going black and the “extend” projection began glitching and only displayed a 1/3 of my work at a 25% scale on my second monitor. Hardly anything began working on my computer. It made me feel sick. I have never had problems with my computer like this before and every driver possible is up to date. I uninstalled Iris immediately
  • My screen flashes with Iris on so I can’t use it. Any ideas of how to get rid of the flickering on a Mac computer
  • My screen is still flashing like it. how do i make my iris start so that it no longer is flashing back and forth
  • Great program and i just downloaded for my macbook. Unfortunately, the screen is slightly “flashing” on and off every seven seconds (middle of day mode – it will flash like it is trying to adjust color but then return to like if it is not on). Is this compatible with Macs
  • So i just downloaded and paid for iris and it just flashes on and off. Anyone know why?
  • My Mac mini desktop computer screen flickers when iris is on. Is there a fix for this
  • Hi guys running iris on a mac os and it worked great for a good while but now the program will not work. it either constantly flashes or is going back and forth to normal every 5 seconds or so
  • have just downloaded fre trial of Iris and my screen just flicks constantly from bright blue light screen to orange screen, Have tried it on automatic or manual. set on Health but keeps also setting itself to custom. am on an old macbook with mojave
  • The filter on my MacBook screen keeps flicking off and on I’m using an app called Monitor Control to control screen brightness on the Macbook and external monitor which I thought could be causing the issue. I quit that but the flickering remains. Perhaps the issue is due to ScreenFocus which dims the laptop screen when the mouse isn’t on it. I’ll test it out. edit: ScreenFocus isn’t the cause
  • However, now it is flashing every few seconds! What is that and how do I fix it please?
  • I have a question about the Iris, it is flashing a lot while I work. I would like to send a video about it, where can I send it to Iris support?
  • does anyone else have an issue with the screen flashing back to normal brightness/blue light when alt+tabbing or opening the start menu? i’m learning coding so i switch through apps quite a bit. it’s quite painful having my eyes adapt to the filter and then being hit by max brightness cuz i alt+tabbed
  • I installed the latest version of IOS Catalina and I’m still getting blue light flashing frequently. Please advise.
  • Geriq07 Feb 24, 2020 23:25 Subject: Iris feedback Message Body: Hi there, I am wondering about the settings for my iris…the colors seem to be flickering every 10-20 seconds from a greyscale with a bluish hew.. to a pinkish/grey hew…is this normal? I am on the “reading” setting, and have just the intro free trial iris download on a mac mini 10.10.5 Thank you…I already like it!! Was using f.lux before. this seems better ALSO,,,I notice sometimes the edges of the screen are darker, is this normal also? Geri
  • so my eyes have been HATING the monitor on my iMac Pro for the last few months, and stumbled across IRIS as a potential option to test for the PWM dimming factor… installed the demo. but the damn thing keeps flickering brightness up and down every few seconds. “automatically adjust brightness” setting on the mac is turned OFF so I’ve narrowed it down to the app. so… why isn’t this working properly and how am I supposed supposed to get this working CONSISTENTLY so I can actually test the product? please advise 2022.04.16
  • hello! I just wanted to confirm whether the app, when it’s working correctly, should be making my computer screen (not monitor) flicker? My main concern is eyestrain (my sleep is great :)). Also, do you have a recommendation for which screen protector brand to purchase from? (I did read the article comparing glasses to screen protectors to software). What is your opinion on device EMF radiation? Lastly, if there are any recos for contact lenses that are best for long-term occular health and performance I am all ears! 2022.04.18
  • Hi there. GReat software!! changed my life. I am getting a couple of issues I would love to resolve however. My wife’s laptop screen has started to flicker. Only a few times a day, it flickers once. It goes black and then normal in a fraction of a second. Has anyone encountered that problem with Iris beofre? It could be that Iris is not the cause but it is correlated to the moment she started using iris… Second problem on my laptop: I activated the simple font, and accepted the changes (to the registry I assume?) now it seems that all font remain simple fonts and it does not seem possible to revert back…! Is this the case? can I revert to the way the font used to be before activating fonts with iris? Many thanks. 2022.04.18
  • Hi Daniel, We tried uninstalling Iris but the screen still flickers. Is it possible that a change int he registry has made this happen? What about my Fonts problem? Am I able to revert back 2022.04.18
  • Please understand that I am using a translator with my short English skills. When I use a program, the screen keeps flickering. When I delete the program, the flickering disappeared. The monitor is s28ag800. I even paid 2022.04.29

E-mail answer

  • The most common cause of this is a conflicting program. You can see possible solutions here
  • https://iristech.co/faq/fix-iris-flashing/
  • One sentence fix: Quit or delete conflicting programs, on Windows try High-level color API, on macOS disable Automatic brightness
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Iris is slowing my PC

Compared to other software apps Iris is a really small and fast program

And it shouldn’t use too much CPU.

Some solutions

Here are some things you can try to fix Iris if it’s slowing your PC.

  • Switch to Low-level API
    • (This may work only on Windows)
    • By default on Windows Iris is using High-level API. Low-level API uses the video card to change the colors and works faster
  • Make sure you have enough RAM
    • Quit programs like Chrome which use a lot of RAM
  • Try Iris mini
    • Iris mini is similar to Iris but doesn’t have UI, uses less CPU and RAM and works faster

Advanced solutions

  • Try the update interval hidden feature
    • By default, Iris updates every 10 seconds
    • You can change this to 20 or more
    • Be careful because this option works with milliseconds!
      • 20 is 20 milliseconds not 20 seconds
      • to set it to 20 seconds you need to write 20000
    • Here is a button that will fix Iris if you do something bad or just reset settings to default

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂
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How to fix Iris not working on Windows 7

If Iris is not working on Windows 7 do this:

Here is a video how you can switch Iris to Low-level API:

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂
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How to report a Problem or Bug

  • I want to help but most of the time I don’t understand how to reproduce the issue or what the issue actually is
  • To fix a problem, please
    • Explain to me what exactly happened from the beginning
    • Record a 1-minute video of the screen with your phone explaining what exactly is wrong
      • Tell me what is not okay
      • Tell me how do you think it should work
    • Write to me your
      • Your Operating system – Windows, macOS, Linux
      • Your Operating system version – XP, Vista, 7 10, Catalina, Leopard, Ubuntu 14.02, etc.
      • The version of Iris (make sure you always use the latest version if you want to report a problem)
      • Your activation code and invite link (If you have problems with activation or inviting friends)
  • See if your problem is not explained on the

Answers also

  • Iris doesn’t work, please help
  • help asap
  • I have a problem with Iris
  • hi, is it possible that my iris pro has a bug? i’ve had pro15 for a long time, but sometimes the colors don’t makes sense, they change randomly and when i turn my computer off and on again, the app seems to have trouble reestablishing itself… thanks

E-mail answer

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Why Iris is detected as Virus

  • We have written to most antivirus companies and Iris is whitelisted
  • If some antivirus program detects Iris as virus write to them that it’s false positive
  • You can check Iris with VirusTotal to see that it’s not a virus
  • The detection happens sometimes because it is using low-level Windows APIs

Answers also

  • Hi – I´m trying to install Iris on a new laptop in a corporate environment, however when I download Iris, Cisco AMP software quarantine´s the executable. Any idea what it might be detecting which makes it think that Iris contains malicous content? Thanks

E-mail answer

  • We have written to most antivirus companies and Iris is whitelisted
  • If some antivirus program detects Iris as virus write to them that it’s false positive
  • You can check Iris with VirusTotal to see that it’s not a virus
  • The detection happens sometimes because it is using low-level Windows APIs
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After Iris uninstall how to bring back original color and light settings

  • Just restart your PC if the uninstaller had force quit Iris
  • Otherwise when you Quit Iris the screen colors revert to original

Answers also

  • I’ve uninstalled Iris on one of my laptops but I can’t get the colours to revert back to the original laptop setting. How do I bring my laptop back to it’s original colour/light settings
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Ignore Iris effect when taking screenshots

Answers also

  • Hi! I’m trying to take screencaps while Iris is on but they come out with the Iris filter. Is there a fix
  • Преди да преинсталирам Windows нямах проблем с цветовете при Print Screen и пускането на изображението в Photoshop, а сега имам и не се покават реалните цветове на копираното
  • Hi, i just subscribed to Iris to test it out. One inconvenience i find is that my screenshots are affected by Iris. Is it possible to not affect the screenshots when i use Iris? So what i’ve been doing is pausing Iris, while enduring for the moment, and quickly taking the screenshot
  • When Iris is on the Windows Snipping Tool gives a dark red background. When Iris is off it still gives a light red or pink or orange background. How do I get rid of it? There should be no tint. The background should be white. Any ideas? Thank you.
  • I’m thinking of buying the product but having a major issue Whenever I do screenshots it turns my screen redish I’m not even sure the product works under normal use, I like how it look when I take screenshot but it’d need it the complete other way arround. Normal when I screenshot and redish when I use it I’m using Greenshot selection. Can anyone try taking a screenshot with greenshot and report if it does the same. It’s a windows app
  • Windows 10 version: When using Snagit (Screen Capture software) it will actually capture the current color setting of Iris Pro. Here are some screenshots that I took of a VMWare container first with Iris, second with Iris Paused
  • Hello I’m a Pro User from China. When I press QQ screenshot function(alt+c) the picture which QQ cut becomes a little yellow can I avoid this
  • I folks, I started using IRIS because it was the only solution that supported two screens! Since then, I am very happy with it. Just wanted to this constructive feedback to improve the product: I do a lot of screenshots during my work. With IRIS activated, the screenshot looks yellow and pretty ugly to sent to someone. So everytime I want to take a screenshot I have to pause IRIS, which can get pretty annoying. IF there would be a way to “automatically” pause IRIS, every time I open Windows “Snipping Tool” – That would be much of a relief. Best, Julius
  • Hi, does anybody know if there is a way to screenshot without having the orange tint come through? I’ve tried enabling low-level API but since i have a dual monitor/laptop docking station that disables Iris.
  • When I take a screenshot, it gets yellowish and darker because of Iris, how can I fix it?
  • Hi, I was wondering if there’s some way to avoid the Iris overlay from being picked up in a screen recording and other such applications. I remember it never being an issue when I had an older version a while ago. My current version is v1.2.0, I believe. Thanks!
  • hi daniel, is there any plans or options to get screen recording software to bypass iris so videos aren’t dark and red? Without having to stop iris and be blasted in the face with brightness
  • Hi. Does anyone experience issues when using the snipping tool or screen shot where the captured image is given an orange hue when using iris? I have to “pause” iris to take screenshots to keep it from happening.

E-mail answer

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Iris for Linux problems

  • The Linux version of Iris is tricky to make for all distros because they constantly change the kernel and it’s not backward compatible
  • Sometimes you just need to download the correct .so files and place them in the libs folder
  • Other times Iris needs recompilation and you can’t make it run
  • You can download Iris for Linux for free from here
  • Try it and if it doesn’t work don’t buy it
  • It’s in our TODO to download all Linux distros and compile Iris under each but this takes a lot of time
  • Some features are only available for Iris on Windows like Fonts, Software mouse, High-level API, and Reading mode. There is just no way to make them on Linux

Answers also

  • I am working on linux ubuntu whenever i start iris it indeed affects the color of my screen however im not getting any menu, nor iris icon on the menu bar.. is there any way u can help me out fixing it
  • Hello! I don’t know if this channel is still active but I want to buy Iris, except the test version is extremely broken on Linux. Iris mini works fine so far though, so: 1) Is the software still maintained for Linux? Or am I going to buy something that may or may not work at the next system upgrade? 2) Why isn’t there the reading mode on the Iris Pro for Linux? Is it a technical issue?
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Iris and Fullscreen Games

Answers also

  • Iris doesn’t work with fullscreen games
  • How to get Iris to work with fullscreen games
  • Is there any way to use Iris in full-screen apps like Minecraft fullscreen? Because when I go in fullscreen on Minecraft iris don’t filter out
  • Iris stops working when I load up a full screen game, how do I fix this
  • Hello! Just bought the Pro version of the Iris and I really like it. The problem is that I usually spend my time on the computer playing video games. Is there a way that I keep Iris active while I play the game and not only on the desktop

E-mail answer

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What are the best settings for Macular degeneration

What is Macular degeneration?

  • Macular degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), is a medical condition that may result in blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field.
  • Early on there are often no symptoms.
  • Over time, however, some people experience a gradual worsening of vision that may affect one or both eyes.
  • While it does not result in complete blindness, loss of central vision can make it hard to recognize faces, drive, read, or perform other activities of daily life.
  • Visual hallucinations may also occur but these do not represent a mental illness.

What are the best settings for Macular degeneration?

Well, you need to set Iris to have the lowest amount of blue light. The types with the lowest amount of blue light are Sleep and Biohacker.

You can also see all types from this link: https://iristech.co/all-modes/

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How to install Iris on Smartphones

  • All our mobile versions of Iris are discontinued
  • We tried really hard for several years to make an awesome mobile app, but Android and iOS just don’t allow developers to make a good app for eye protection
    • The problems are many
    • On Android, we can only use screen overlay and it doesn’t cover the lock screen or the topbar
    • On iOS, you needed to Jailbreak your phone or sideload it and most people find the installation process difficult
    • This is why we decided to discontinue all Iris mobile apps and focus to make the desktop version awesome

Old builds and versions of the mobile app

You can find our old builds and versions of the mobile app here:

For more info

Other solutions

  • If you for some reason have bought Iris and you only have a mobile phone
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂

E-mail answer

We discontinued all our mobile apps. You can read why here:

Answers also

  • Can I get iris for iPhone and iPad? I have it on my computer but would like it on my other products
  • Also is there a way to use this on my iPhone
  • Hi! I just installed iris on y computers – works just fine. But what do I use / what tips do you have for my iphone (since apparently it is not available anymore for mobile phones)? Thanks
  • Hey. I’m wondering if you could download IRIS tech on the iOS with an iPhone XR
  • Can someone please confirm that I can use Iris on a last-generation iPad Mini (version 4) before I buy one for my child? I see Daniel’s instruction to reinstall every week if it’s not jailbroken, but I want to be sure this is even a possibility on an older iPad mini before I actually get one! Thank you
  • OK so installed Iris on my Windows 10 desktop all good looks great thanks BUT I have been trying for hours to install Iris on my iphone 5 SE with no success – when i put the the special App generated password in i get a error message that says cpp line 71 what_assert(!teams.empty0)
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RIP Iris mobile apps – Why we discontinued them

  • All our mobile versions of Iris are discontinued
  • We tried really hard for several years to make an awesome mobile app, but Android and iOS just don’t allow developers to make a good app for eye protection
    • The problems are many
    • On Android, we can only use screen overlay and it doesn’t cover the lock screen or the topbar
    • On iOS, you needed to Jailbreak your phone or sideload it and most people find the installation process difficult
    • This is why we decided to discontinue all Iris mobile apps and focus to make the desktop version awesome

Why did we discontinue our mobile apps

  1. Android and iOS change constantly and you can’t make a good eye protection app
  2. We have too much going on with the desktop app and can’t make everything awesome
  3. Every device is slightly different and we can’t make them work the same
  4. Smartphones are super toxic and unhealthy and the best solution actually is to just avoid them and work on your PC when you need to

Old builds and versions of the mobile app

You can find our old builds and versions of the mobile app here:

Other solutions

  • If you for some reason have bought Iris and you only have a mobile phone
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂

E-mail answer

We discontinued all our mobile apps. You can read why here:

Answers also

  • Just as customer feedback, I would like to point out that it is an extremely difficult and almost impossible multi-hour process installing this app into the iPhone. It’s ridiculous and you should consider making it a more user-friendly process like it is on laptops
  • Are there any Iris versions for the new iOS 13.4
  • that’s what happens when trying to install Iris for iOS Is that my issue or des the ipa file need to be updated? I installed the newest Xcode on my MacBook but that didn’t change anything… thanks for any ideas!
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How to pass Monitor Tests with Iris

On our website we have 3 types of tests:

To pass them you need to set Iris to Sleep or Biohacker mode

Iris on Health mode will not pass the tests because it doesn’t block all blue light.

We made it so it’s something which protects you but the screen is still comfortable to use and read.

Answers also

  • How to pass Monitor Tests with Iris
  • Health mode does not pass the tests
  • I got the flashing squares
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Making Iris work on External monitors

Iris works on many monitors connected via PC. However, if you use USB monitors they are a little special.

USB monitors don’t allow apps to change the colors and light emitted.

If you use Windows 7 or later

  • On Windows 7
  • On Windows 8, Windows 10 and later
  • On macOS, Linux and other
    • We don’t have High-level API for macOS, Linux, and other distros so you can’t use Iris on this operation systems with multiple USB monitors
    • You can, however, use Iris on multiple monitors if you connect them with normal VGA, HDMI, AirPlay cable
    • If you use macOS, Linux or OS other than Windows use normal cables so Iris can work on all your monitors
    • Now Iris should work on all your monitors

Here is a video about how to switch to Iris High-level API:

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂

Answers also

  • How to fix Iris not working on multiple USB monitors
  • How do I use Iris on the external monitors
  • The effect will not show on the monitor I use
  • The effect only shows on the small laptop monitor
  • The app doesn’t register that there are 2 monitors
  • How do I get your app to recognize that I am using 2 monitors
  • I have a laptop that is connected to an external monitor
  • Will Iris work on the external monitor in this setup
  • I use a monitor connected to a laptop side by side. Is it possible to install iris on my laptop and have it adapt the color of my monitor too
  • I am evaluating your software. It looks great on my main monitor (directly connected to the HDMI port of my laptop). But I have a 2nd monitor which is connected an HDMI cable and then through an HDMI-to-USB adaptor to the USB port of my laptop. This monitor is detected by Iris however looks like the changes or adjustments in Iris does not effect this 2nd monitor. I do not see nay changes of brightness or so on in this one. Do you have any suggestions
  • I can’t get it to work on my second monitor. Using the Mac version of Iris. Sometimes it Iris does work on my 2nd monitor. But has a mind of its own.
  • hi, does iris working with displaylink? Because f.lux does not work

E-mail answer

Can Iris work on external monitors

Iris does not work on my 2nd monitor on macOS

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What can cause Eye pain and Headache problems from a new Monitor?

Getting a new monitor only to start feeling eye pain and headache problems can be a bad experience.

Here we just want to tell several things which may cause eye pain and headache and some ways to fix the problems with your new monitor.

Screen size

  • Bigger monitors cause more eye pain and headaches
    • One reason is that they emit more light and more blue light enters your eye
    • More light into your eye is bad. It works just like looking at the Sun, it’s not healthy
  • At night the monitor shouldn’t look like a light source in the room
    • Lowering the brightness is the solution, but if your monitor is using PWM this is actually worse
    • You can use Iris to lower the brightness without PWM


  • LED lights emit a lot of light and make the letters on the screen more blurry
  • LCD displays are better and they mostly don’t use PWM
    • TN (Twisted Nematic), IPS (In-Plane Switching), VA (Vertical Alignment) are all different kinds of LCD displays and they mostly differ by the viewing angle
    • The different kinds of LCD displays don’t cause a different level of eye pain and problems, they are all the same
    • Too much-emitted light, blue light, and PWM flicker are the causes of eye pain

Glossy vs Matte

  • Glossy displays like this on the Macbooks cause eye pain because you can see reflections and this is called double image
    • Our eye constantly switches the focus between the screen and the reflections of the room and this causes eye pain
  • The solution is to get a Matte screen
  • Another solution is to place Matte screen cover on your Glossy monitor

Blue light

  • You can read more about blue light effects on our eyes from our Blue light article

PWM flicker

  • You can read more about blue light effects on our eyes from our PWM flicker article

Monitor testing

  • You can test how healthy is your monitor for the eyes with our tests
  • You can make every monitor healthy for the eyes
    • Install Iris
    • Match the screen brightness to the room lighting
    • Place your monitor so the window in the room is left or right to you
    • Get a matte cover if you have a glossy monitor
    • Yawn more to produce more tears
    • Lower the Blue light and control the brightness without flicker with Iris

Answers also

  • What can cause Eye pain and Headache problems from a new Monitor
  • What do I need to know about a monitor to be more healthy
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What is the difference between Iris, Iris Mini and Iris Micro?

Iris is software for eye protection and it has many options and all the innovations I make. Its size after installation can be more than 100MB, but this is normal. Use Iris if you are really serious about your health and play with the options. It can be purchased for 15$ lifetime license.

Iris Mini is something like Iris, but portable and with the size of 10MB. It’s free but has a Pro version with more options and hidden features for 10$ lifetime license. If you are not sure what to use, use Iris mini.

Iris Micro is for programmers and people who understand the system and basically don’t like Iris. It’s a really simple program for blue light reduction and software brightness which can be hacked a lot. It’s also free.

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What is the difference between Iris mini, Iris and Iris micro?

Iris mini is something like Iris, but portable and with size of 10MB. It’s free, but has pro version with more options and hidden features for 7$ lifetime license. If you are not sure what to use, use Iris mini.

Iris is software for eye protection and it has many options and all the innovations I make. It’s size after installation can be more than 100MB, but this is normal. Use Iris if you are really serious about your health and play with the options. It’s free, but there are many advanced settings which can be purchased for 15$ lifetime license.

Iris micro is for programmers and people who understand the system and basically don’t like Iris. It’s really simple program for blue light reduction and software brightness which can be hacked a lot. It’s also free.

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What is the difference between Iris mini and Iris pro?

Hi John,
The Iris Mini is just a minimized version of Iris
Iris Pro is the paid version of Iris
You can check out the different models of Iris here:

Customer Communications Manager and Lead Marketing Specialist
Iris Technologies Ltd.

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What is the difference between Iris Pro and Iris Mini?

Iris Pro is the full version of Iris that has all the advanced settings and features like more advanced timer settings, brightness, blue light, monitor manager, color schemes, a font manager and much more.

Iris mini is a minimalistic version of Iris, it contains only the most basic features that will protect your eyes.

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LM Profiles App

Answers also

  • Iris and LaptopMedia
  • LM Profiles app and Iris
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LM Profiles and Iris under Linux

  • Can I use LM Profiles and Iris under Linux
    • The LM Profiles app is only for Windows
    • Iris loads all .icc profiles loaded on the machine at startup so when Iris is paused your screen will be calibrated as if Iris is not running
    • If at the system level you load the profiles Iris will interpolate over then and when Iris is paused your screen will have the .icc profile calibration
    • If you use some other app like LM Profiles flicker may happen because both programs change the device gamma. For more info you can see
  • Do you have an option for .icc profiles import
    • Iris gets the current gamma settings at startup but you can’t switch between different profiles with Iris. The goal of Iris is eye protection not perfect colors.

Answers also

  • В момента използвам Windows 10 с профили от Laptop.bg за моя лаптоп. Възможно ли е ако премина на Линукс отново да ги използвам с Iris? Има ли възможност за import на профили или за момента няма такава функционалност
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How to become an Iris Reseller

  • You can be a reseller in 2 ways

Answers also

  • We want to resell your products in India. Kindly tell us can we do this
  • we can sell big enterprise volume sales. How can we start
  • I want to know if can I be your partner for selling Iris Pro on my website
  • We have a prospect customer who is interested in your service. I’d like to kindly ask you whether we can act as a reseller and offer your software to our customer? If you work with resellers it would be great if you answer several following questions about the sale process: ∙ What is the term and type of software delivery (electronical or physical shipping)? ∙ Can you send a price with retail prices and reseller prices if you offer specific reseller discount? ∙ Do you include taxes in price? ∙ What are the payment options for us? ∙ Do you require pro-forma agreement for resellers? ∙ How the product is licensed? Do you have specific prices for Educational or state institutions? ∙ Can you reserve the customer and the deal for us? – 2022.05.05

E-mail answer

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How to resell and distribute our software

Thanks for your interesting in reselling and distributing our software 🙂

It’s really easy to start reselling our software:

  1. Register as an affiliate from our Affiliate panel
  2. Share and place the link you get after registration everywhere you want
    • You get a commission for every sale which comes from your link
    • We pay the commissions to all partners every 3 months

Answers also

  • How to resell and distribute our software
  • We are interested in working relations and reseller/partnership of your products
  • How I can promote your software
  • How we can become an affiliate of Iris
  • How I can earn money from Iris

E-mail Answer

Thanks for your interesting in reselling and distributing our software 🙂

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Request Ownership for Resellers

  • As a reseller, some user may write to you that they have changed their PC and want to use Iris on their new PC
  • You have 2 options
    • You can tell them that they can move the license from our User Panel
    • You can register into our User Panel and request ownership of all licenses generated to you
      • By doing this you can move the licenses of your customers by yourself and help them
      • This is good if you have someone doing customer support because it shows more servant approach, customers value this and this builds trust
      • You need to request ownership of the licenses generated to you one by one which may take some time
        • We don’t over a bulk request of ownership because of security measures


  • The codes which are generated to resellers can be acquired by customers and the reseller without verification
    • What I mean by this is that you will not get an e-mail to approve the switch of the owner because these licenses don’t have an owner at the beginning
    • Basically you will not get this and they can quickly acquire their licenses into their accounts
  • When somebody makes a purchase from our website it’s a little different
    • The code gets connected to his e-mail and he needs to login to our user panel with this e-mail address
    • If he wants to move the code to another account, e-mail verification is sent to the e-mail which was used for the purchase
      • Example verification E-mail
    • With reseller codes, there is no verification like this to be easier for the reseller and their customers
    • Which means that if you are a reseller, your users can just get their code into their account by following the steps from this article

More info

Answers also

  • My customer wants to move their Iris license to a new PC
  • My customer has changed the computer, and now it cannot be activated
  • How can I reset the activation code of my customer
  • If the user is asked to remove the license by himself, then the user should first register the account, but I did not find an entry for binding the license. Do he need to apply for the “Request Ownership” by himself
  • My customer has changed the computer, and now it cannot be activated. Could you please help to reset the activation times
  • One more thing to ask you is that some of our customers are unable to reactivate the iris they purchased or manage their licenses on the iris website because they have changed their computers
  • Hi, I want to reset the license to migrate to another device. Please help me, thanks. P.S. I bought the activation code from reseller, so I cannot do it in the Panel by myself
  • I purchased two activation codes from x, and now they cannot be bound to my user panel. They are the same as the ones I sent in general. Please help me solve them.
  • I’m from x, your reseller, many customers can’t bind their accounts with the license they bought from us. We have been scolded by customers too much. I hope you can help us solve this problem.
  • I hope someone of you can contact our business staff, use API to connect, so that customers can bind their own emails. Now the orders are bound to our emails. Many customers dislike this and think we are pirated, even though the official website said no email support is provided, but I hope you can provide us with support, because too many customers have purchased licenses that can’t be bound to email, which can also reduce our work pressure.
  • please remove x from my account (y), This is the customer’s license. I accidentally added it to my account and I cannot delete it now. This customer’s situation is the same as mine. I cannot receive the verification email, so please solve it.
  • Please solve the above problems. My company and I still have many questions about adding the license to the account Neither I nor the customer’s license can be added to the account, and no verification email has been received
  • I think you should make the user panel more perfect. We can’t receive emails, We can’t deactivate it. Customers suspect that our x sells fakes. We have been unable to contact you.
  • Can anyone’s license be revoked
  • Can you help me bind my license to my account

E-mail answer

How to move the license when I bought from a reseller

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Blue light blocking glasses vs Iris

The point of view debate

  • We get a lot of questions like
    • Which glasses are better
    • Is Iris better than blue light blocking glasses
    • Are glasses better than software
    • and stuff like this

So I want to just give you my honest opinion about it all.

  • You understand that if you sell glasses you will tell everybody that they are the best
  • If you sell software you will tell that software is the best
  • If you have paid $100 for glasses you want a confirmation that this was the best choice
  • If you have paid $100 for some software you want confirmation that this was the best choice

This is an endless debate with no true answer but here are some tips:

  • Glasses are good because
    • They block blue light from phones TVs and LED lamps
    • They are a physical filter and don’t depend on the monitor backlight
  • Software is good because
    • It’s mega customizable
    • To get the customizable effect with glasses you need several pairs or lenses
    • It can adapt automatically to the day and the night or the light around you and in the case of Iris help with flicker
    • It’s generally cheaper

So I have a comprehensive article about Which is the best Blue light Filter

Testing for Blue light blocking

On our website, we have a really good test for blue light blocking that you can do without any equipment. You can find it here

If you are interested to test everything here are links to all our tests

Optical differences and backlights

  • Some thought you may also have
  • So you see how without the glasses the screen glows more
  • But this glowing can actually be the result of different shades of red or the difference in brightness
  • The best way to actually test this is to get a device called Spectrometer or Colorimeter but they are pretty expensive
  • You can also use our Blue light filter Test
  • Why Iris may not block all blue light
    • We set the blue and green gamma at 0% so from the software and hardware side the blue light should be zero
    • Some screens, however, can never turn OFF completely the white LED
    • Other have bad quality red LED which may also emit blue light
    • In this case, you can lower the screen brightness with Iris but be careful of PWM and Subpixel flicker
    • In the picture above the screen is also glossy which makes reflections and it’s not healthy for our eyes
    • To make the screen matte you can buy matte screen cover and place it on your screen
    • To remove all blue light if you have a bad screen you can use glasses with red lenses or place a transparent red sheet over your monitor
    • To make the best test ask some friend for Spectrometer and measure the color spectrum. I have an article with some measurements
    • Iris has a little dependence on the backlight of the monitor and if the backlight and the hardware are bad we can’t fix it completely without using some physical transparent red sheet
    • Software is good for the customization and the automation
    • On the picture, you may think that Iris doesn’t block all blue light but it may also be an optical difference because the glasses actually decrease the brightness and make the screen look darker
    • Here is a picture of my screen with 0% blue light
      • I see it really red but my phone makes white color optimization and makes it look more white
      • This is also my PC with Iris passing the blue light filter test so there is not actually blue or green glowing from the screen
  • Why glasses may not block all blue light

So get a Spectrometer or use our Blue light filter Test to see what’s best for you 🙂

You can also see our Blue light filters Ultimate guide

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  • Which glasses are better
  • Is Iris better than blue light blocking glasses
  • Are glasses better than software
  • Does Iris block all blue light
  • Does blue light blocking glasses block all blue light
  • Are blue light blocking glasses better than Iris
  • Why my screen seems blue even with Iris blue light set at 0%
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How to increase the Hardware brightness of a Laptop


  • To increase the Hardware brightness of a Laptop with Windows
  • Click the Windows button and write “display settings”
  • On the screen that opened move the slider to the most right position which says 100
  • You can also see the official documentation
  • If this doesn’t help simply go to Google and ask “how to increase the brightness of my laptop monitor”


Answers also

  • You say that I have to do this somewhere on my laptop’s monitor and not in Iris. Where is that setting on my laptop
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How to find my Invite Link

How to find my Invite Link


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How to Re-check Invite from Friend

  • If you have invited someone but haven’t got a bonus time
  • Ask the other person to Re-check the Invite
  • Here is how he can do this
      • Here your friend need to enter your Invite link
      • And click Re-check Invite
    • Then you both need to click the Sync button to get your extra time

Answers also

  • I invited a friend but haven’t got extra time
  • Изпратих му линк, но после не знам какво трябва да направя, за да активирам моя едномесечен пробен период
  • Hi there, I just invited a friend to reactivate my license and my friend installed the app but I didn’t get the license 🙁
  • hi , i invited some friends and they downloaded Iris but i didnt get my free month
  • I shared the link to Iris with a friend but still expired. How long it takes to activate?
  • I shared the link to Iris with a friend. They got it and downloaded it, but my account still says my initial trial will expire in 1 day. Now what? Does anyone ever even answer these questions? This is a very cumbersome system.
  • My friend downloaded it with my reference link. 1 month license did not come. What should I do?
  • Hi I have invited to people and they downloaded the Iris on their PC. Then I tried to get two months free by press sync as you said, unfortunately, it has not worked. So can you please, tell me the reason?
  • Good morning every one, I want to buy the license for the program but I never have had a paypal account so I just created one today and I need to wait until they accept my bank o something. Today my program license expire (7 days of trial) and I just discovered I wont be able to use again my computer without the program because of the bluelight. So I decided to share the program with my brother in order to recieve the month while I wait to buy the license. He just installed the program but we still have the free trial and I dont know if we did something wrong. Beside of this problem I want to say thanks so much to the person who created the program.
  • Hi there, I have send invites but not recievd my free month? Any ideas?
  • Hey, how do i contact support? my week expired so i invited friends who have used my link but my IRIS doesnt reactivate. thanks
  • Hi Daniel I downloaded 6 days version. I want to add my friend through my https://iristech.co/i/FlzUY, but he insstalled and my time is not changed to one month. His email is markstar@email.cz. Can you help me please? Communication via Discord is so discomfortable, that when I am there I can not write any message, I do not know how. – 2022.07.03

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How to Invite friends and get free time

How to Invite friends and get free time

From the user panel

Answers also

  • Hi, how can I share Iris with someone for one month free
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How to change my Affiliate id?

  • To change your affiliate id
    • Just register a new account with the new affiliate id and the same PayPal e-mail for example
    • Then replace all your old links with the new affiliate link
    • We will send the payments to both accounts so your commissions will be paid

Answers also

  • I am able to change my affliate code to another name without interferring with any current purchases
  • I become aware of my name appearing in the link and realise the link would be more appealing if i can change
    my affiliate code from x to y

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Night Shift and Iris

  • By default, the 2 effects will stack and you will get a lower blue light on values 3400 K
  • Disable Night Shift if the screen starts to flicker
  • The 2 should work fine together otherwise but there is no point to keep Night Shift enabled when you have Iris
  • Disable the automatic brightness of your macOS however

Answers also

  • Nobody knows if I have to switch off night shift mode on mac with iris
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Plenty of things already change the brightness of my screen. Why Iris is different?

Iris changes the color temperature of your display. Natural light is more blue, while most artificial light (including candlelight) is warmer. Incandescent bulbs, which we’re all used to, become more red in tone when you dim them. But newer LEDs and CFLs don’t – this includes the backlight on your monitor. If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably dealt with this, since pictures taken inside at night are always much more brown than photos outside.

Iris also changes your display brightness in innovative way without PWM flickering.

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