Biohacker mode

🀺 Protect yourself from harmful rays 🏞️

Our monitors emit a lot of harmful rays, blue light, flicker, and EMFs

Biohacker mode will remove all harmful rays from your monitor

Use your monitor and be protected from blue light, flicker, and EMFs

If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Biohacker mode

How to try Biohacker mode

How to Try Biohacker mode with Magic button

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4 thoughts on “Biohacker mode

  1. HI Daniel: Thanks very much for your e-mail and explaining these different modes on Iris. Is there any way to get the benefits of Biohacker mode without the screen becoming so dark? I’m definitely interested in reducing the EMFs coming from my monitor but also like to have control over blue light. Thanks.

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