Movie Mode

🎥 Watch Sharper Movies

Have you ever watched a movie so dark that you had trouble seeing the scene

Movie mode will automatically improve the colors of all movies and make them more visible

Enjoy your favorite movies from a long distance and see the action more clearly

If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Movie mode

How to try Movie mode

How to Try Movie mode with Magic button

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4 thoughts on “Movie Mode

  1. Hi,
    My Iris does not have a movie mode. Similary for gaming mode. When I press magic button, I get the message
    the spell “//t;ry movie type/” seems wrong.
    I do not have facebook account. I cannot do messenger chat.
    Can you help me?

      1. Hi, I have Iris Mini which I bought in 2016.
        I can’t find Movie mode at all.

        Is there an update that has it?

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