Moving Licenses

If you change or reinstall your PC, or reinstall Iris and you get this message after trying to activate Iris:

“Code is already used”

“You already used the code on another machine”

You can free your code from the old machine by registering in the User Panel

  • From here you can manage all your codes
  • Make sure you register with the same E-mail that you used for the purchase

When the Status of the code goes to Not used after you click Move to another PC you can use your code again 🙂

Re-activating Iris

Moving your License

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  • преинсталирах Windows-a и сега не ми приема кода
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  • Hi, I have changed computer and cant find the activation password. what to do
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  • I need to move this from one of my laptops to another.  The question I have is there a way I can tell in the software on which license I am using for this laptop
  • i got myself a new Mac and ran again into the problem as last time (see below). May i ask for a valid code for Iris? The version is 1,2 on my old Mac and is the same in the trial version on my new one. The old Mac will be deleted and then sold
  • Can you pleaser help? I got a new pc for Xmas I FINALLY added Iris back on tonight but it is stating my code has been used. But that was for my mac. That I no longer use.
    My code was
  • However I had to take my computer back to factory settings and delete every thing on it due to a virus , how do I re-instate iris on my computer? I have deleted all emails from when I purchased iris
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  • I bought Lifelong without updates license for Iris Pro before 15 minutes and have three machines one of them uses Linux the orther two use Windows. The latest version for linux is 0.9.9 but for Windows is 1.2. I never use more than one at a time and want to Iris on all of them. Unfortunatly I use the code first on my linux machine and now I cant activate Iris on my Windows machine
  • I see that I can’t install for all users. That’s unfortunate. If I install it for myself, then change to my child’s account, will it take another license, or is it one license per machine? Can it tell that it’s already licensed on that computer?
  • hello how to i get iris back on my computer? It was repaired by apple and iris is no longer active
  • Thanks for previous reply. I have 2 laptops at home I have paid for lifetime membership can I have iris on my other laptop please ?.
  • Hi Daniel, great product it’s saved my career almost! I’m having an issue, I bought a lifetime account years ago but seems I can’t login on my new machine I think the email was It’s working still on my old machine but no way to double check which email But the thing is the above email is in your mailing list from years ago I’m hoping to get it again urgently as I’m very sick with eye strain atm I got a new monitor also which cost me £1500 and I’m so Ill atm I’d appreciate maybe if I can consult with you to help me get better? I’ve not been able to work for a week
  • Hi, I just switched computers, can I transfer my previous iris license?
  • Hi my machine was reimaged as it had some problems and my iris application was deleted. I reinstalled it and it’s put me on a trial version. How do I go back to my pro version?
  • As of a couple days ago, my original installation of Iristech on my original partition has stopped working, and demanding an access code
  • Hi. I need help moving my subscription to another computer.
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  • Bought a new computer at a lifetime membership. I was just trying to get the code to transfer it to my new computer and nobody is responding and it’s been quite a while.
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  • How do I transfer Iris to new Mac
  • I paid for the Pro version. I recently changed my motherboard and now I get the message “You have already used this code on another machine”. Does my activation code become obsolete when I change Motherboards?
  • закупих си преди месец, има ли как да ползвам на двата си компа приложението? тъй като въведох ключа и не ми даде да го ползвам втори път
  • Hello, I am transitioning from a laptop computer to a desktop. How can I transfer my Lifetime Iris to my new computer
  • HI Daniel, I paid for lifetime iris and I no longer have access. I erased my MacBook software and redownloaded it. I cannot find the activation code anywhere. Please advise on how to get Iris up and running on my MacBook again.
  • I reinstalled windows and cannot activate iris using my code. It tells me that it only works on an older version of iris
  • i just reinstalled windows and cant activate my Iris code
  • Hi there, I have three computers at home and have purchased Iris at least two times and I believe more. Somehow on my laptop my IRIS got disconnected and when I try to reactivate it I can’t use this old code. Can you take a look at my account with the payments I’ve made and advise me on whether I need to purchase a new one to replace what got de-activated
  • Hey Daniel! I bought a lifetime subscription with iris a few years ago. I recently bought a new laptop as my old one broke and went to put my activation code into Iris and it’s giving me this message
  • Hi, I am about to get a new laptop. How do I transfer the life long license over? I don’t know what email, or password I used.
  • How do I transfer an activation code from one machine to another?
  • hi, I just bought a new desktop because of windows 11 can i move my subscription to my new computer ??
  • Hi Daniel, in December 2020 I purchased Iris and I appreciate it. My computer needs some upgrading and the computer guy told me that I will lose what I have already installed, which include Iris. Is there a way to get a new link to download Iris again once my computer will be ready ? Many thanks !
  • I need to reset the activation code 2022.04.15
  • Hi there. I bought a license for Iris back in 2021 and the computer that it was configured on failed. I am trying to install on my laptop but when I get into my account it does not list any license available. I cannot find my original purchase email receipt, though I have the Paypal record of the purchase. 2022.04.19
  • Hi I had bought a few years ago a pro code and now its not working anymore. Here is my code hBg5U Thanks Jp – 2022.07.03

E-mail answer

Iris suddenly expired

Re-install Iris on a new computer

License actions

Using multiple machines

  • If you have multiple machines just revoke the code from the User Panel when you are going to switch to a new machine and enter the activation code on the new machine
  • For instructions on how to do this see

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