Iris suddenly expired

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  • Hi, I purchased the “lifelong” version of Iris for $Β on January 14, 2020. However, my version lasted for a short time, and then I received a message that it had expired. I paid with a PayPal account. Please check your records and send me the version that I paid for
  • Hi Daniel, I just purchased Iris. After downloading Iris multiple times, it still shows me only an expired version and I have been unable to use it. Can you help? Thanks! -Elizabeth It was so easy to install/use the free version; why is the version I purchased such a mystery? Would appreciate some tips to be able to start using Iris. Thanks. – Elizabeth
  • I purchased a license, was able to use it for a week, and now I can’t regain access
  • I purchased Iris for $ USD on Jan 13th 2022, a few months ago, and now Iris won’t work and says “Expired”. How do I fix this?
  • O Γ–ste Feb 26, 2020 08:50 Hello, I goy an iris license a year ago or so and it was working fine until this afternoon. It just showed me a notification that my account has expired. And now weirdly when I go into log into the website it says my account doesn’t exist??

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