How to find my License

Answers also

  • I don’t see any way to invoke the program
  • I didn’t receive a license number with the purchase
  • I purchased Iris a couple years ago and have purchased a new computer and would like to carry my license over to the new machine. However, I don’t seem to have a user account as at the time of purchasing I don’t think that had been integrated into the website yet. Let me know what the easiest way to go about obtaining my license is
  • I sent a request via discord. Since you seem to respond better on Facebook, I will bring the problem here. I have Iris Software that I paid for, but I did not save the activation code and it is not showing up in my licenses on my profile. Please look up my account and help
  • Just now I need to go to the official website to submit my serial number to reset, but my license has not been displayed
  • I need to move to another computer and can’t change it

E-mail answer

  • We don’t have direct access to personal information related to your e-mail, purchases or code but
  • You can see your code by registering into our User Panel
  • We have a guide for this here 🙂