System page

From this page you can customize how Iris interacts with your system. The goal of this page is to be explanation how every option works 🙂

Hide Takbar icon on close


When this option is checked Iris will close itseft to the tray when close is clicked. It will still work, but only here

The taskbar is this thing

And when close button is clicked this icon will be hidden. If this option is unchecked this icon will be vissible as long as Iris is running


On OSX this works a little different as Mac doesn’t have taskbar, but something called dock.

When this option is checked Iris will be visible only in the tray

When this option is checked Iris will be visible both in the tray and in the dock

Use keyboard shortcuts

If checked you can use all Iris shortcuts otherwise they are inactive and doesn’t conflict with your other programs. For full list of the available shortcuts see the Shortcuts article.

 Use software mouse cursor

When this is unchecked the mouse will be blue on Windows like this

When checked the cursor will match the screen

This option is not enabled by default, because some people reported me that when they play games with this feature on the game cursor dissappears which is unacceptable to be by default.

Start Iris on startup

When this thing is checked Iris will start automatically when you turn on your PC. If you don’t want Iris to start automatically uncheck this option.

On Mac OSX move Iris outside of the Downloads folder to start it on startup. When in the Downloads folder Mac apps start in sandbox.

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