Iris is slowing my PC

Compared to other software apps Iris is a really small and fast program

And it shouldn’t use too much CPU.

Some solutions

Here are some things you can try to fix Iris if it’s slowing your PC.

  • Switch to Low-level API
    • (This may work only on Windows)
    • By default on Windows Iris is using High-level API. Low-level API uses the video card to change the colors and works faster
  • Make sure you have enough RAM
    • Quit programs like Chrome which use a lot of RAM
  • Try Iris mini
    • Iris mini is similar to Iris but doesn’t have UI, uses less CPU and RAM and works faster

Advanced solutions

  • Try the update interval hidden feature
    • By default, Iris updates every 10 seconds
    • You can change this to 20 or more
    • Be careful because this option works with milliseconds!
      • 20 is 20 milliseconds not 20 seconds
      • to set it to 20 seconds you need to write 20000
    • Here is a button that will fix Iris if you do something bad or just reset settings to default

Other solutions

  • Please give us more info about your system and we will test
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you 🙂