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From this page you can choose different system wide font rendering. I have wrote a lot about Font rendering, but with a few words, the ugly the font rendering the better for the eyes.

Beautifull font rendering works with font smoothing and blurring which is bad for the eyes. Windows ClearType is better than the OSX default font rendering and Simple fonts are always the best.

On Windows Fonts page looks like this:

And they look like this:

Different font renderings packed with Iris. Click to enlarge.

Here are a little more examples:

GDIPP is Mac like font rendering for Windows. It’s not best for the eyes, but some people like it so whatever 🙂

Same thing on Mac, but with a little different names:

On Mac also you need to Restart your PC to see the changes.

I’m still searching a way to make this on Linux, but I guess it’s no so high priority. Blue light and Brightness has bigger impact on the eye health.

For best eye protection use Simple fonts.

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