Night Temperature

With Night Temperature slider you select the Color Temperature of the screen during the Night.

Iris detects if it’s day or night based on the clock and location. If you don’t see change when you move this slider it’s probably day.

The value is measured in K (Kelvins) and this is the standard unit for Color Temperature.

The lower the value the less blue light is emitted from the screen.

The bigger the value the more light is emitted from the screen.

Basically high values are bad for the eyes and sleep and low values are good.

7 thoughts on “Night Temperature

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  2. Why is there such a huge gap in intensity between the 29 and 30 setting? It’s very frustrating, because it feels like there are 100 options but after going through all of them I still can’t figure out how to set the blue light filter to what I want, because it suddenly jumps to almost solid red as soon as the slider moves from 30 to 29. This is the only reason I bought the app, I’m on a Mac and the built-in Night Shift is limited in the color range.

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