Eye pain-causes and treatment

What causes eye pain?

In this article, we will look at pains and causes and how to prevent them.
We know you have heard about quite a few eye-related diseases, but we won’t dig that much, but we’ll just give you tips on how to protect yourself.

Eye pain

Eye pain is a common symptom that accompanies almost every eye disease.
Often the pain in the eyes is felt as a headache and the patient cannot determine whether the source of pain is the eyes or the head.
Headaches should be treated with particular care and an eye exam.
Some diseases also give eye symptoms, which causes the patient to seek help first with an ophthalmologist.

Migraine is an example of such a disease.
In some diseases of the cornea, sclera or uvea, one of the symptoms is a pain.
While in conjunctiva inflammation – there is redness, tearing, burning, feeling of foreign body, but rarely painful sensation.

In other parts of the eye, pain occurs in the eyelids, the lacrimal tract, and the eye muscles.
These structures belong to the appendages of the eye.
Yes, everything here slows you down and it may sound boring, but unfortunately, it is a very important part and we need to be able to defend ourselves.
The causes of eye pain can be very diverse and not even detectable.
That’s why we decided to introduce you to computer vision syndrome.

It sounds scary, but it’s treatable and we can even prevent it.

Let’s start with five signs of diagnosis first by ourselves


โœ”๏ธEye fatigue:

Eye fatigue can be detected by quickly focusing on distant or close objects.
If you are overworked you will feel a slight pain in the eye area. If things get worse, namely eye fatigue, it can lead to constant pain or discomfort around the eyes.

โœ”๏ธIrritated eyes:

The eyes are a sensitive organ that needs help in certain cases.
One is eye irritation.
At first, you may feel irritation in the area around the iris, and if the condition worsens, it may even become burning, which is far from pleasant.
It may even make your eyes significantly flush and look like you’ve been crying for a few days and not really.
All these symptoms are signs that your eyes are dry.
And with the so-called dry eye can have quite unpleasant consequences.


โœ”๏ธBlurred vision:

There are situations in which the eyes transmit the wrong signals.
This is the case with blurred vision.
This is noticeable when you start to see blurred, even when your eyes look as if they are properly focused.
You may even see a double, which is not very pleasant.
If this is only due to computer vision syndrome, don’t worry.
The blurring will disappear after you rest.

โœ”๏ธย Headache or vertigo:

When we initially experience headaches or dizziness, each one of us thinks it is because of something that strains us and from there our blood plays on an elevator, it is so, but in many cases, the strain on your eyes can be the cause.
Take care of yourself and if these symptoms persist for several days without improvement, our advice is to consult a doctor.

โœ”๏ธNeck and shoulder pain:

With visual impairment, the discomfort increases. The body will try to adapt itself subconsciously so you can see better.
This results in a bad posture that will affect your neck, shoulders and even your back. Hugging brings with it additional diseases that cover the waist, bones, and nerves.

Fortunately, it is possible to recover from computer vision syndrome, but the sooner you catch the problem, the faster the recovery process will be and easier.

Five options for treatment

It is good after we have listed 5 major signs of eye pain causes let’s also mention 5 options for treatment or prevention.
The causes of eye pain are many and varied, so we need to be prepared with different protections against them.


๐Ÿ’ Blink:

You can experience rapid relief by using eye drops or so-called artificial tears.
Have you noticed that when you stand in front of a computer for a long time, you sometimes forget to blink?
We know what it sounds like, but it’s true, it is due to your exposure to blue light and the consequence is the so-called dry eye.
With less blinking, there is less humidity in the eye, so try to do it more often.

๐Ÿ’ Air humidity:

Air humidity is also quite important.
Check the humidity levels of the room where you work on your computer.
The drier the environment, the faster the moisture will evaporate from your eyes.
The ideal humidity for your computer is between 30 and 50%.
No more, no less.

๐Ÿ’ Train your eyes:

Did you know that you can train your eyes?
Have a short workout for your eye muscles.
We hope you have heard about the 20-20-20 rule, but it is not a problem.
This is an effective way of reducing eye strain caused by long screening.
The idea is that every 20 minutes are spent in front of the screen, look at something that is about 20 meters away, for at least 20 seconds.
Try it, it really helps.

๐Ÿ’ Distance between me and monitor:

The distance between you and the monitor is also a good rule of thumb.
It should be about 70-80 cm away from your eyes.
In addition, the top of your monitor should be at eye level, as you should look down while working, not up. This will reduce the tension in the eye muscles.


๐Ÿ’ Screen brightness matters:

When in doubt that it is properly chosen, stick to the rule: the brighter the better.
The brighter screen causes your pupils to contract, which increases the focal range and allows your eyes to focus on the screen with less effort.


Much to remember, but one click is enough for Iris

Don’t forget to do them from time to time, but we at Iris will only help you with your one go.
Iris is software that will help you control the transmission of blue light.

You will be able to work all day on your computer without having to remember the 20-20-20 rule or how often you blink.
Of course, Iris has a lot of different settings, just for your enjoyment.

Whether you are watching a movie, playing your favorite game, or working for a long time, the most important thing is to keep your eyes healthy.
The first step is yours, from there on Iris will take care of you, and maybe your loved ones.
Our eyes are the window to the world, let us manage to keep it as clean as possible together.

Thanks to Iris, the causes of eye pain become less and less until they disappear completely over time.

End words

So all of the above is something you need to do to protect yourself.
We wrote this down to inform you and show you how you can help yourself.
And try to accept Iris as your friend or your army against the blue light order to reduce the causes of eye pain and improve your healthy sleep.


Written by Hristina Ferkova

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