License help


If you have a license and want to re-activate on new PC

Buying and activating

When you buy Iris Pro from the Buy Page you can enter your activation code in this box and when you click Activate code your Iris will become Iris Pro.

The steps to buying Iris Pro are like this

Go to the Buy Page

Click Buy now button

Pay with PayPal

Now wait several seconds to be redirected to the Iris website

You will see a screen like this with your activation code

You will also get an e-mail in your inbox

Enter the above code into Iris and click activate code

Your Iris is now Pro

Notice how the icon becomes green. You know that Iris is Pro when the icon becomes green. Now you can tweak all settings in the Advanced view

12 thoughts on “License help

  1. Hi Daniel & team;

    I just read an article by Dr. Mercola that included a link to your site, and a recomendation for your software for healthier computer screen light. His article may be a bit outdated, because he wrote that you had a suggested donation of $2 to have this permanently on my computer. Can you tell me how much it would cost to have this technology on my laptop, my husband’s laptop, my mother-in-law’s tablet who lives with us, and our two cell phones? Thanks for your help.

  2. How much will program updates cost, each time?
    What is the difference between mini pro and iris pro?
    Does monthly subscription cover pro versions? (It’s not clear in the text: “Activates both Iris and Iris mini”)

    Thank you.

  3. Hi!
    Bought a license some time ago since I liked the software so much.
    Now I just purchased a new computer and I seem unable to move the license?
    It simply says I need to install the older version, which I’m fine with.
    It’d be good though to know where exactly I’m supposed to download it?

  4. I just purchased iris pro few days back however my machine has crashed now when im applying code it says you have already applied license code on another machine. Request pls help.

  5. Hi! I bought the license to pro on Jan 31 of this year and put in the code, and it didn’t work. Now the code is gone. How can I access a new code so that the software works. Now I’m paying 1.99 a month to supplement for the care but want to be able to use the pro since i bought it. I went on dispatch and got no response or help.

    Thanks for your help here!

    1. The code is connected to the E-mail that you used for the purchase
      We don’t have direct access to personal information related to your e-mail, purchases, or code but
      You can see your code by registering into our User Panel
      For Subscriptions it’s in the Subscriptions page in the User Panel not in the License page
      We have a guide for this here 🙂

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