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  1. yesterday was able to see the page with Q and A : to find out what is best for me
    I do not know if it slows down my computer or take more battery from my iPod touch I am bringing Tunisia ( which is older from 2015 ? just before leaving and on My trip cannot take a chance of being slowed down

    1. Iris uses less than 1% CPU so it shouldn’t slow down your computer, same thing goes for your iPod, it is possible that it uses slightly more battery there but it shouldn’t affect you much

  2. I just read the Facebook entry by Eileen Bakker where she tried the Biohijack option which turned the screen mostly read and she could not see her mouse. You should add a keyboard shortcut which will revert the settings back to default so people can fix this even if they cannot see their mouse cursor.

  3. I want to turn ON shortcut and assign only one action to a shortcut.

    How to clear the other shortcuts? If I press Delete or Backspace, it assigns these keys instead of clearing it.


    1. Finally, I found a way :

      Assign the shortcut to the action I want. In “Settings”, export the settings to a file. Then, open this file and delete all shortcuts except the one I want. Finally, import the file.

      If it exists a simpler way, please tell me.

      Have a good day!

      1. Thank JF.

        The ability to not have a shortcut on some settings seems like common sense. With all the computer software that people work with, some of those shortcuts are already taken. They need allow a setting to turn off shortcuts for some settings.

        1. To add to that, the option to use mousewheel up/down would be great for shortcuts. Like alt+mousewheel up would be a great increase temperature setting.

  4. I’m new to IRIS after reading about how much more it has to offer than f.lux (which I liked). Alas, all the options in IRIS are bewilderingly complicated for me. I would LOVE IT if someone would just TELL ME EXACTLY which settings to use to: 1) eliminate blue light both day and night; 2) set the brightness to the level that is as gentle as possible for my chronic computer vision strain while still retaining good contrast.

    Surely someone who is familiar with IRIS can easily direct me to the proper settings to accomplish these two things.

    Fingers crossed that someone will respond before my free trial is up, because I’m exhausted with trying to get it “just right” on my own.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

    1. Hi Cat,
      You can check out our User guide here:
      The most used setting by users is the preset Automatic mode Health type
      If you want you can also adjust to your preferences from Advanced view
      I’d be happy to answer any further questions you might have

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