and How to fix common problems

This turtle is the Iris customer support agent and it will help you solve all your problems with Iris. You may wonder why I chose turtle to help you, but the answer is simple.

Turtles have the ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos. The symbolize determination, persistence, emotional strength and understanding, all of the things you need to read this article or maybe to wait for me fix some bug I haven’t found yet 🙂


Bellow, you will find most common user questions I receive my e-mail. They are arranged in random order and new things are added to the end.

Iris doesn’t work on my second monitor

If you use USB monitor or DisplayLink or other docking station Iris may not work on your second monitor.

You can fix this by using High-level Color API on Windows

For macOS I am still searching for a way to do this, but USD monitors don’t support gamma changes by default.

New drivers of DisplayLink may also help you as they started to support gamma changes.

Is there a way for my Iris to turn on automatically at startup?

Iris should start automatically on startup at every system.

On macOS, there is system protection ad you must move the app to some other folder, not the Downloads folder because it will not start automatically if it’s in the Downloads folder.

On all systems check if Start on startup checkbox is checked.

I paid for Iris Pro but haven’t received activation code

When you buy Iris Pro or Iris mini Pro you need to wait for redirection back to the Iris website.

After the redirection, you will see screen like this

If you didn’t wait and closed the browser tab you need to write to me to create your activation code by hand. Please note that I receive a lot of e-mails and my response may be slow, but I will either refund your money or create your new activation code 🙂

See this page on how to proceed

For activation, instructions see this page

Monitor is blinking between the Iris setting and the regular blue light of my monitor

Several programs for blue light may conflict with each other.

If you use both Iris and Iris mini quit one of them.

If you use both Iris and f.lux quit one of them.

Same goes for every other combination of blue light reduction software which conflicts with each other.

Iris doesn’t conflict with Windows and macOS integrated blue light reduction features 🙂

Do you have a free version of Iris?

Yes, you can download it from here

You can also find install instructions on the Install page or from here








Mouse pointer blue

Use software mouse

– Can’t see mouse in games

Disable use software mouse

– Iris is slowing down my PC

Try with Iris mini

– Display is red

– Can’t open the program

– My display flickers

Delete f.lux

– Can’t delete the program

– Where to put the activation code


– Activation fails with some error

Behind proxy try with OfflineCode

I don’t see type and mode any more

Click use advanced settings

What changes Iris does on installation

-gamma ramp

Computer crashed can’t activate Iris again

-revoke a license

Iris and display calibration

– Enable preserve gamma

Something else?

Post in the forum

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