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From this page you can customize the screen brightness. Iris brightness is different from your monitor hardware brightness, because it doesn’t use PWM to control the light emitted from the screen.

Basically you need to put your hardware brightness to the MAX and control the Brightness of the screen with this sliders.

Be careful, because it can go down to really low values.

Day Brightness is the Brightness of the screen during the day.

Night Brightness is the Brightness of the screen during the night.

Iris determines if it’s day or night based on your location or on your system clock. Then it does gradual interpolation between the 2 values when the time is right.

You can change the default location from the Location page.

Extended values will allow you to select values over 100% brightness.

I use brightness over 100% when I watch dark movies and this is how Movie mode is working. Movie mode sets the brightness to 120%.

This is how Iris looks at 100% brightness (no brightness reduction)

At 5% (Maximum brightness reduction)

And at 150% (Over the maximum brightness)

As I said be careful with the lower values, because the screen will become really dark. I use over the maximum brightness when I watch movies and there are dark scenes and use around 60% brightness at night without the lights in the room on.

When Manual brightness is set to ON, Night Brightness will be used both during the day and during the night. This way it’s easier to change the brightness fast by hand.

If Keyboard shortcuts are enabled you can use also use

Ctrl+Alt+PgUp to increase the Brightness and

Ctrl+Alt+PgDown to decrease the Brightness

This are Page up and Page down key and the step of the change is 10%

4 thoughts on “Brightness page

  1. Hi, you mention that the brightness should be put to a maximum, in addition to the brightness on my Dell monitor i have a Contrast option as well. Should I put this to Maxium as well?

    1. It’s not a good idea to put contrast on 100%

      I think you should keep contrast to about 50% at all times 🙂

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