Night Brightness

With the Night Brightness slider you can set the Brightness during the night.

Iris detects if it’s day or night based on the clock and location.

If you don’t see change when you move this slider make sure that it’s night.

The values are based on % which is the standard measure for Brightness.

The lower the value the darker the screen, the higher the value the brighter the screen.

11 thoughts on “Night Brightness

    1. The effect will only be visible if it’s night.

      Aside from this, to move the slider you need to click on the black area and drag left or right with the left mouse button.

      If this still doesn’t help write to us via Messenger or e-mail and we will try to fix this as soon as possible 🙂

      CEO Iris

  1. I’ve got a Question: When i set the Brightness to manual – i am not able to get a setting lower than 50%. Is there a way to make the screen even less bright? The mean thing is the screen would show me what it would look like at first – but as soon as i let the handle go it’ll pop right back to 50 and stay there.

    1. Can you make sure you are not settings the Night Brightness while it’s a day and vice verca?

      Alternatively, maybe you’ve clicked some setting that overwrites your current

      Can you try to click this and reset your settings?

      If that doesn’t help, can you try doing it manually as shown in this short video?

  2. Just to check again with you. The best way to setup the right brightness without the PWM effect is to first setup the monitor to standard brightness (default in monitor settings menu) and then to reduce brightness only through the Iris setting. Right?

    1. Hi Ivo, you have to set up the built-in monitor/computer brightness to maximum and then control it through Iris

  3. Will adjusting the brightness through advanced settings negate the simple setting I have on? Ex: Can I set the software to “health” but with a lower brightness?

    1. Hi Amy,
      The Simple and Advanced view are separate settings if you switch to Advanced you’re not using Health anymore and vice versa

  4. IMHO this software doesnt work..
    1. set your brightness to full in monitor settings
    2. lessen the brightness in iris
    3. voila! the pwm flickering starts again in the laptop

    temme if i am wrong..checked 5 times

    1. Hi Sumit,
      You can go to Advanced view, Settings menu and uncheck the use low-level Color API box

  5. How can I find and change the daylight/nightime hours? Ie I want night time to start at 7:00pm

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