Is there a Free Iris?

In the beginning, it was totally free but the software also was not so great as it is now.

Earliest versions

I keep all versions even the earliest one here:


For example, all versions for Windows can be found here:

Versions for macOS here:

Versions for Linux here:

Freemium Iris

Over time I made it freemium but that also didn’t work well. You can find the last freemium versions of Iris here:

Freemium Iris mini

Aside from this Iris mini is still freemium and can be downloaded from here:

Free trial Iris

Right now, Iris is free trial for a couple of days and you can invite friends to use Iris forever for free.

The latest version of Iris can be downloaded from here:

Or a direct link which will automatically detect your OS:


Free versions exist for both Android and iOS also.


Download link for Android:

Iris mini – Apps on Google Play


Download link for iOS:

Iris Micro

Iris micro is also free:

More info

Iris Pro Iris mini Iris mini Pro Iris micro
Blue light
Screen effects
Font rendering
Hidden features
User interface
Tray menu
Command line

For more information about the different models and versions of Iris you can visit:



Daniel Georgiev
CEO Iris Technologies

Publishing date: 07.05.2018

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