Eye yoga will help you see everything you love to see

I know what you think, how painful can eye yoga be for the eyes. Skeptical thinking will probably mislead you. So take a look at the positive and let your eyes enjoy it. In theory, you can find your harmony and develop your imagination. But in practice, you will thank your eyes, as crazy as it sounds … I let … Read More

How to Unsubscribe from Website Notifications

In this article, we will show you how to unsubscribe from Iris website notifications if you don’t like what we send to you, but please let us know why you don’t like what we send via E-mail at contact@iristech.co or via Messenger (lower right corner of the screen). What are Website Notifications?   If you have clicked something like this … Read More

Често срещани проблеми при потребители на Irisи как да ги решим

Тук ще разгледаме често срещани проблеми, които имат потребителите при използване на Iris Как да активирам? Купих си Iris, но все още пише че изтича, какво да правя? Това се случва, защото потребителят не е активирал Iris след като си го е купил Потребителят получава активационен код след покупка, който може да сложи в Iris, за да активира Това, което … Read More

Does lot of exposure to computer screen and laptop screen cause dry eyes or is it age-related problem?

Actually, both can cause dry eyes and while we can’t fix the aging problem (yet), we can fix the toxic exposure from a computer screen. The main 2 bad things that monitors do are: Emit Blue LightArtificial blue light is very bad for our eyes and at the same time, it’s emitted by almost everything. It prevents us from having … Read More

How to Invite Friends and use Iris for Free

In Iris, you have the option to invite a friend through a special link. When they download and install Iris using your link you both get 1 month free usage of Iris. The best thing is that the effect stacks, so if you invite 2 friends, you will get + 2 months To do this, first, make sure you have … Read More

Is there a Free Iris?

In the beginning, it was totally free but the software also was not so great as it is now. Earliest versions I keep all versions even the earliest one here: danielng01/Iris-Builds For example, all versions for Windows can be found here: https://github.com/danielng01/Iris-Builds/tree/master/Windows Versions for macOS here: https://github.com/danielng01/Iris-Builds/tree/master/OSX Versions for Linux here: https://github.com/danielng01/Iris-Builds/tree/master/Linux Freemium Iris Over time I made it freemium … Read More

Purchasing Irismethods you can try

You can buy Iris using PayPal by clicking here: Iris – PayPal Alternatively, if your country is not listed or you do not have a PayPal account, you can use 2checkout which supports most of the countries: Iris – 2checkout If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or you just like buying things with cryptos you can use: Iris – crypto It … Read More

Where to put the Activation Code?

Basically, you need to open the settings panel. You can do this by double-clicking the desktop icon again. I also have detailed articles with images and video for Iris Pro here https://iristech.co/how-to-install-and-activate-iris/ and for Iris mini Pro here https://iristech.co/how-to-install-and-activate-iris-mini/

What’s the difference between Iris Pro and Iris Mini Pro?

I have a comparison between Iris Pro and Iris mini Pro here https://iristech.co/models/ Basically, they are different programs. One is small and minimalistic, the other is powerful and customizable.

Is the basic Iris free?

As of this time 04.2018 Iris is free trial with option to invite friends to use it for free. There is also 1 time payment option to get it lifelong. These pages are dedicated to these things https://iristech.co/buy/ https://iristech.co/licensing/ Last year 2017 Iris was freemium with the option to unlock all features by buying the Pro version. This means that … Read More