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Iris оптимизира пулсациите на екрана като контролира яркостта без ШИМ. Ще можеш да използваш компютърът си по-дълко без главоболия. Read more...

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Iris ще адаптира яркостта на екрана към светлината около теб. Различни опции автоматично ще адаптират екрана. Използването на компютър ще е като четенето на книга. Read more...

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Iris плавно регулира синята светлина през деня и нощта. Това помага на тялото ти да произвежда повече мелатонин вечер. Ще заспиваш по-бързо и спиш по-дълбоко. Read more...

👨‍🔧 For Males

  • Iris is software which will make you the coolest man at the party
  • Or at least the wealthiest one
  • Or at least the healthiest one
  • Or at least give you some super awesome sleep and dreams
  • But you are surely going to rock at life and work
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👩‍⚕️ For Females

  • Iris is software which will make you happy, beautiful and sexy
  • Or at least you will sleep well
  • Or at least your skin will look yonger
  • Or at least the healthiest from your friends
  • But you are surely going to look and feel good
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👹 For Monsters, 👾 Aliens and Others 👻

  • Haloy fellow Monster / Alien / and others
  • You are on the worlds most awesome website
  • We are the creators of Iris - Software for eye Protection, health and productivity
  • We humans use computers, monitors and phones which are not good for eyes
  • Iris makes these computers, monitors and phones good for the eyes (and orange)
  • Try it and tell us if you like it
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👦 For Kids

  • With Iris you can ask for extra hour for games and fun in front of the PC
  • Or at least your eyes will be protected from the monitor harmful rays
  • Or at least you will fall asleep faster
  • Or at least you will protect your parents eyes
  • But you are surely going to try and learn some new app
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👨‍🔬 For Teenagers

  • With Iris you will wake up for school easy without a clock
  • Or at least be able to chat with friends and get a great sleep
  • Or at least you can wake up to see who wrote to you
  • Or at least study the night before exam and be fresh the next day
  • But you are surely going to the coolest of your friends
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👨‍🎓 For Students

  • With Iris you will get this degree without an effort
  • Or at least study late at night and sleep great
  • Or at least don't feel eye strain from too much reading on the PC
  • Or at least chat with your friends in the middle of the night without disrupting your sleep
  • But you are surely going to be phenomenal at life
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🤵 For Adults

  • With Iris you will get more done and be fresh after work
  • Or at least get a promotion
  • Or at least start a side business and become a millionare
  • Or at least have a great body and be super healthy even in you work in front of a desk
  • But you are surely going to be super healthy, productive and successful
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👪 For Parents

  • With Iris you can protect your whole family from the modern unhealthy digital lifestyle
  • Or at least have a great health and eyesight
  • Or at least work late and sleep great
  • Or at least talk about something cool with your friends and family
  • But you are surely going to be more healthy, more successful and improve the health of the most important people in your life
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👴 For Grandparents

  • With Iris you delay your eyesight degeration and actually improve your vision
  • Or at least have longer and more deep sleep
  • Or at least protect your eyes if you need to work in front of a PC
  • Or at least help and improve your friends and family health
  • But you are surely going to see the screen better even without glasses
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Защити очите си с Iris

Excess blue light from your computer monitor can be a serious threat to your biological health. Fortunately Iris software can eliminate virtually all of the risk through its innovative approach. I use it on all my computers and encourage you to do the same. It is clearly the best software on the market to control your blue light exposure.
Dr. Mercola
Founder Mercola.Com, World most visited natural health site
I have tried just about every piece of blue light blocking and eye health software that exists and nothing even comes close to Iris.
Ben Greenfield
Founder New York Times Bestselling author. One of the Top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness
I use Iris on all my computers and mobile devices and it definitely makes a difference. I really feel myself better after working in the night and I sleep better. I highly recommend Iris to everyone who cares about his eyesight.
Dr. Svetlin Nakov
Co-founder SoftUni. Largest IT Training Center in South-Eastern Europe. One of the people who made me a Programmer :)

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